Community service for using credit card info

COURT TODAY BLOCKMark Anthony Davis was ordered today to perform 240 hours of community service to pay for his crime.

The 21-year-old man, of Friendship Gap, Hothersal Turning, St Michael, had pleaded guilty earlier to using credit card information twice on July 18 this year, to purchase $2 300 in tickets for Crop Over events from Ticket Pal.

When Davis first appeared before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court, he admitted using information gained while he was at a previous restaurant job, to make the purchases in July. A pre-sentencing report was ordered.

After presenting that report today, probation officer Louis Linton recommended that Davis be given a chance to keep his record clean by performing 240 hours of community service. If that is done diligently, no conviction will be recorded against Davis.

The court heard that Davis was a first time offender and, hitherto, from all indications, was an honest, hardworking, pleasant young man whose actions in this instance were “out of character”.

Watts informed Davis that he was “fortunate.” Left up to him alone, he considered credit card breaches serious enough that the sentence might have been very different.

That view was based on the magistrate’s belief that some degree of planning went into committing the offence where the credit card information was kept for use at a future date.

“It was stupid,” Watts told Davis, “but I am going to yield to the wisdom of the probation officer.”

Davis had expressed to the probation officer his regret for his actions and the embarrassment they caused.

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