Shooting victim formally identified

The man who was shot in Bottom Close, Wildey, St. Michael last Friday and died a day later at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been formally identified.

Family members today identified Kemar Leacock, three days after the wanted man succumbed to numerous gun shot wounds.

The 26-year-old of 7th Avenue, New Orleans, also known as Big Eyes, was killed hours after appearing on a police wanted list in connection with serious criminal matters.

According to reports, Leacock tried to run away from his attackers. However, they caught him and dragged him away as he tried to seek refuge at a nearby house, before shooting him several times.

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  1. jrsmith August 19, 2015 at 6:23 am

    Please give us a break, you live by the sword ,you die by it. all scum bags to scum bags.


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