Kiddies benefit from cricket camp

Scores of promising young cricketers started preparing for a new school year of training and competition during the annual Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Summer Camps which ended on Friday.

Nearly 100 Kiddy Cricketers participated in the two camps at the Passage Road, St Michael and Speightstown, St Peter  playing fields for the week-long cricketing skills camp.

Campers at the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket camp share a moment with coach Jason Parris.
Campers at the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket camp share a moment with coach Jason Parris.

Scotiabank marketing manager Amanda Lynch-Foster said the camps, now in their third year, had become an integral part of the overall Kiddy Cricket programme.

“Over the last 15 years that Scotiabank has sponsored Kiddy Cricket, it has definitely had its successes as seen by the number of graduates who have gone on to play for their territories as well as on the West Indies men’s and women’s teams. However, we are constantly looking for ways to improve Kiddy Cricket and make it even more valuable for the children involved which is why we brought in the camps. These camps provide a bridge to the after-school coaching programme which will restart in September and which is the foundation of Kiddy Cricket.”

Territorial development officer for Barbados, Robin Parris, said the camps provided an opportunity to sharpen the skills of the most promising Kiddy Cricketers, with a particular focus on those who would soon be heading into secondary school.

“Over the past two years that we’ve held the camp, over 200 Kiddy Cricketers have had the opportunity to get additional technical training and we’ve seen the results in the standard of play in Kiddy Cricket as well as those who have gone on to Under-13 and Grassroots cricket. It has been a great addition to the Kiddy Cricket program and we have to thank Scotiabank for being willing to improve and add to the programme over the years,” said Parris.

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