Let’s talk about sex too

Barbadian parents are being urged to begin discussing sex and sexuality with their children early and not allow them to get information about the subject from other sources.

Sex educator Latoya Lane told Barbados TODAY children would make better informed decisions about sexuality if parents shared information with them from as early as age four.

Speaking at a workshop on sex and sexuality for the disabled and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities on Saturday, Layne sought to calm parents’ fears over discussing the subject with their children, arguing that such discussions would not lead to early sexual initiation.

In fact, she said it was important to let young people know that it was possible to have open and honest conversations about sex, and that it was important for the youth to have quality information from the right sources.

“I usually recommend that you start having conversations with kids about sexuality from the age of four. It sounds weird, but you would start with good touch and bad touch which helps [the children understand] and prevents children sexual molestation [and] being victims of sexual abuse . . . it also helps them to keep their peers in check,” she said.

Meanwhile, Juliette Maughan, also a sex educator, reminded parents that “we are sexual beings and sexuality is very much apart of who we are.”

“We can’t escape it whether we decide to have sex or not have sex. The challenge right now is not having the right information out there to allow people to understand what goes into it.

“And people turn to porn, they turn to their friends who know as little as they do. They turn to other messaging that starts to shape their sexuality, not in a way that is their own,” Maughan explained.

The event was organized by the Barbados Family Planning Association, the Barbados Council for the Disabled and private partners. (AH)

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