Zaria’s dream come true!

Achieving a Barbados Scholarship is a dream come true for Zaria Blackett. The 18-year-old said she was “really excited” about her recent achievement because it was something she had dreamt about for a long time.

“I am excited and really happy. Because now I will get the chance to go overseas and study, and do the course I really wanted to,
“the former Queen’s College student said.

Zaria Blackett
Zaria Blackett

Zaria pursued accounting, economics, management of business, Caribbean studies and communication studies, and will be heading off to the Lancaster University in Britain in September to study accounting and economics.

She said her family was equally excited about her results, and she felt good to have made them proud.

“I’m the first one in my family to get a scholarship. My parents were so thrilled and happy for me, I think they called all their friends and told them,” she said with a laugh.

The former Hill Top Preparatory student said she did not yet have plans to celebrate but there would definitely be a party.

Zaria thanked all her teachers who would have assisted her over the years, and her parents Nigel and Susan Blackett.

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