One excited Erica!

Erica Jordan didn’t always believe she could have done well enough to achieve a Barbados Scholarship, but today she is over the moon for actually doing it.

She told Barbados TODAY she felt very good about her recent achievements.

Erica Jordan

“I am really proud of myself. I didn’t expect to do so well, although people told me I would get through. People really had my back, even when I didn’t believe in myself,” the former Queen’s College student said.

Erica said she was in Grenada when she received her results and was shocked, but excited.

She pursued French, Spanish, law, Caribbean studies and communication studies. She admitted that studying the

languages was a bit more challenging, but she always had a special love for them.

“Languages require some time to get, and not everyone get them right away; but I always had a passion for languages. I was introduced to them very early at Erdiston; so it wasn’t strange for me to pursue the languages in sixth form,” Erica said.

She will be pursuing international management and modern languages with a concentration on Spanish at the University of Bath in Britain.

Erica has plans of celebrating her achievements with her family tomorrow night.

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