Grateful Exhibitioner Andrew

Andrew Clarke always had the urge to be successful, and he put in the work to be.

Andrew is one of Barbados’ newest Exhibition winners, and he could not be more grateful.

Andrew Clarke
Andrew Clarke

“I am ecstatic. I am thankful for all the teachers from Charles F. Broome and Queen’s College who would have helped me to get here. I knew I did well, but did not think I did that well,” he said.

Andrew said the only way he knew how to show his teachers gratitude for their hard work with him was to do well in his exams –– and that he did.

He pursued pure mathematics, chemistry, physics, Caribbean studies and communications studies, and will be heading off to the University of Western Ontario next week to study actuarial science.

Andrew, who also plays cricket for Guardian Group Barbados Youth, said he had to cut down on the game a bit –– to satisfy his study.

“I started to study from early. The work wasn’t hard, but the workload definitely increased,” he stated, adding: “This is not the end. I now have work to do.”

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