Mighty Gabby – by the book

Who Gabby think he is? Read his new book and find out all you ever wanted to about this cultural icon that is Anthony Carter.

The life story of the veteran entertainer is told in his new book, titled the same as the question: Who Gabby Think He Is?.

The book was penned by librarian Barbara Chase and consultant author Valarie Clarke.

The Mighty Gabby
The Mighty Gabby

The Mighty Gabby told Bajan Vibes that to have this book written was a dream come true for him. He said it took two years to write and he was glad it was finally completed. “People would always ask me when the book was coming –– and finally it did. I wanted this one to look at my beginning and look at some of the highlights –– not just in Barbados but New York where I spent five years.

GABBY“This book really talks about Emmerton, and it talks about how I managed to go through that period of my life, and of all the obstacles,” Gabby explained.

He said he believed well-known individuals should leave something to be remembered by.

“I always thought that all leading figures –– political, social or in the arts –– never left anything for us. Errol Barrow left us a cookbook that’s it. I’m hoping that the leaders leave something for us to remember them by,” he added.

He thanked all those who would have assisted him over the years and who would have contributed to the book in any way.

“I want to offer much thanks to my family and Eddie Grant for assisting me, and always being there for me. I’m grateful to Eddie and his family for looking after me back then as well.”

Gabby said he was looking forward most to having his book reach countries like Venezuela and Cuba.

“I am really grateful that this book has come at this time.”

The book was launched in Days Bookstore on Monday, and is available there or from Gabby himself. (DB)

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