Boyce admits Psychiatric Hospital in poor condition

Minister of Health John Boyce has admitted that conditions at the island’s lone Psychiatric Hospital are less than satisfactory.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY moments after delivering remarks at an Emergency Risk Communications Training Workshop this morning at the Accra Hotel, Boyce said while conditions were not up to scratch, plans were already underway for sections of the 124-year-old Black Rock institution to be refurbished.

Staff at thePsychiatric Hospital have been complaining about having to work in unfit conditions.
Staff at thePsychiatric Hospital have been complaining about having to work in unfit conditions.

His comments came following the circulation of several photographs on social media, which showed extensive decay to the hospital’s structure, rotting furniture and patients lying on the floor.

“It’s obviously an unsatisfactory condition which must be corrected,” Boyce told Barbados TODAY before hurrying off to Parliament.

He said a team of officials from the Ministry of Health visited the hospital this morning to conduct an investigation and would make recommendations on how to remedy the situation.


Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health [Tennyson Springer], along with a team visited the hospital this morning and again we will look and review what’s happening in terms of setting priorities to make sure that we deal with those issues.”

However, while stating that the institution was in serious need of refurbishment, Boyce stopped short of saying the hospital was in line to be demolished.

He said for a project of that magnitude to be undertaken, the relative research would have to be done.


Demolition and rebuilding requires a certain strategy to be in place first [and] there are upwards of 400 patients being tended to at that facility. We regret some of the situation, which has been highlighted, but thank God these are not in the majority,” he noted.

Nurses and workers at the mental health institution have been complaining for some time about having to work in unfit conditions and have taken industrial action, including a two-day sickout beginning July 9, with threats of more action if their grievances were not addressed.

5 Responses to Boyce admits Psychiatric Hospital in poor condition

  1. Tony Webster August 12, 2015 at 6:39 am

    Whilst I’d like to achlowledge the Minister’s (possibly enforced) candour, it really tests my Christian faith to be continually offered limp assurances such as:-
    1 “Plans are underway” (when they ain’t got the cash to actually do anything).
    2. “Funds have been ear-marked” (when they ain’t got any cash)
    3. “Cabinet has approved” (when they ain’t got any cash)
    4. ” A definite decision has been made ” (when they ain’t got any cash).
    and the most fanciful one of all:-

    “I shall carry a proposal to cabinet urgently next week”…(when he fully knows that even if Mr. Chris agrees…an actual payment will depend on an aircraft landing at GAIA…stuffed full of cash”)

    One really wonders if all these goodly folks who presumably, live in homes and know what essential maintenance represents, actually paint their premises every few years; fix plumbing leaks, and replace burn-out lighting fittings and matresses etc as human beings actually live in such places.

    Doan worry; be Happy: Cabinet will meet this coming Thursduh…

  2. k August 12, 2015 at 7:50 am

    Meanwhile Glendary is ah 5 star hotel

  3. Donna August 12, 2015 at 8:15 am

    Wonder what he would have said if we didn’t have the photographs? Look Bajans, this is a cause around which we could all rally. Churches this is a worthy cause and I’m sure your membership would increase if you tackle it together.

  4. Donna August 12, 2015 at 8:16 am

    Each denomination could sponsor a wing and the thing would be a small matter.

  5. harry turnover August 12, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    Wha loss…jinkens gone to de dogs !!..only a mad man would go and live in a place like that.

    People say they can’t wait till the next election come,not realizing that Dem can’t wait either, cause every time they turn a corner,their target is ahead of them turning a corner too…could as well kill some time till then.


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