A love of God and good food

Aldora Odessa Yearwood’s love for God and food may be attributed to her long life.

Yearwood celebrated her 100th birthday last Saturday, surrounded by family friends and loved ones, and before Acting Governor General Sir Philip Greaves.

Her first daughter Eugenia Eden described her as one who loved the Lord.

Acting Governor General Sir Philip Greaves greeting birthday girl Aldora Yearwood.
Acting Governor General Sir Philip Greaves greeting birthday girl Aldora Yearwood.

“She is very loving and caring, and a woman of strong faith, who loved to eat well. She loved her yams and potatoes, dolphin head and brandy, as you heard,” Eden said, adding that her mother still had a very strong appetite.

Eden said, however, that at her age her mum “just takes soups, steam pudding, and puréed breadfruit on Sundays”.

Eden also remembered Yearwood as one who instilled strong values in her four daughters from young.

“She also told us to be kind to others. Love one another. She believes in sharing and love. She had high standards, but she was flexible, very understanding and compassionate. She loved life.

“For her, honesty is the best policy and perseverance seldom fails. She always told us, ‘Waste not, want not’.”

Yearwood was a schoolteacher in her earlier days at St Saviour’s and Holy Innocents, before retiring to be a housewife.

“She was a teacher in the early days, attending the Royal Training Institute, now the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. After she got married, it was sort of difficult. She had to stay put and take care of the children.

“She did it reluctantly, but she knew she had to respect her husband and his values,” her daughter Eden said.

But Yearwood continued giving private lessons to little children in the neighbourhood. Her daughter stressed that one thing her mother never liked was bad grammar.

“She doesn’t like bad English, bad grammar. She wonders why [in recent years] young people don’t like to read, and only like the computer.”

Eden also remembered her as one who loved fashion and to entertain.

“Mummy . . . loves flamboyant colours: reds, yellows, bright royal blue. She loves hats; any type of hat. She also loved entertaining; but most of her good friends have passed,” the daughter explained, adding that her mum had “a tremendous sense of humour”.

Yearwood had no grandchildren from any of her four daughters.

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