Local clubs for Caribbean Children’s Charity Shield

Six local clubs will participate in the upcoming Caribbean Children’s Charity Shield Soccer Classic in Trinidad thanks to the Hamilton Lashley Human Development Foundation.

The teams from Empire, Gall Hill, Spooner’s Hill, Haggat Hall, Paradise and Evan Maughan Youth Academy will travel to Port of Spain to face the home team, as well as their rivals from St Vincent, Grenada and Guyana in the August 13 – 18 tournament.

Lashley, the former minister of Social Transformation, told a news conference he was disappointed in the lack of government assistance to community-based groups.

Hamilton Lashley
Hamilton Lashley

“Sports, culture and community development should be given the highest level of priority,” he said.

“If communities are not supported in their efforts, particularly efforts such as these, then you are going to have chaos and chaotic reactions in the communities across Barbados.”

The former MP appealed for the government and private sector to contribute more to community development, noting that sports brings a level of stability and tranquility into communities especially in areas plagued by social deviance.

“Far more investments must be made to communities in Barbados and across the region, particularly when they are attempting to bring a unified Caribbean at the community and grassroots level together,” Lashley said.

Barbados hosted the tournament in December last year.


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