Help for young leukemia patient

Three years after being diagnosed with leukemia, former junior calypsonian Carrie-Lynn Grazette has received a much-needed financial contribution from a number of overseas organizations to go towards her medical costs.

The 14-year-old Harrison College student today received a $7,000 donation from the Atlanta-based Carrie-Lynn Grazette Foundation, as well as the Barbados Association of Atlanta, Barbados Association of Tampa Bay and the Barbados Cancer Society of New York.

Retired CEO of Barbados Tourism Authority Urban Cumberbatch presenting Carrie-Lynn and her mother Valerie Grazette with the cheque for $7,000 while local entertainer Mac Fingall (second right) and father Carson look on.

Her father, Carson Grazette, said she had been in remission from the disease for the past two and a half years, but her kidneys were damaged from chemotherapy.

“Her last stint in the U.S. was to have the kidney transplant and she has been doing quite well from the leukemia standpoint, but the kidney transplant took a whole lot of back and forth between the children’s hospital in St Jude’s and the St Louis children hospital,” he said, a reference to the Memphis, Tennessee, United States- based St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the children’s general facility in St Louis, Missouri, United States .

Cancer survivor Carrie-Lynn Grazette and father Carson sharing a happy moment.

Grazette welcomed the donation, noting that the costs of the transplant had put a strain on the family’s finances.

The money was collected at a fundraiser held on Memorial Day, which was attended by local entertainers Mac Fingall, Red Plastic Bag and The Mighty Gabby.

“It will be the Carrie-Lynn fundraiser event for anyone from Barbados that is in the States or . . . anywhere in the world that needs help,” Fingall said.

He also complemented Carrie-Lynn for her courageous spirit, saying she showed maturity beyond her years.

“She takes it like a grown person, she understands that it is a part of life [and] she doesn’t mope, she just lives everyday like an ordinary person,” Fingall noted.

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