Two change tunes for Pic-O-De-Crop Finals

Two calypsonians have changed their songs ahead of tonight’s Pic O de Crop finals.

The National Cultural foundation announced that former monarch, Adrian Clarke, will be singing ‘Real Kaiso’ instead of ‘Not Studying Uranus’, as originally planned.  Biggie Irie, meanwhile, will replace ‘Sweet Type of Way’ with ‘De Big Dawg’.

Biggie Irie told Barbados TODAY he decided to go ahead with the changes on the advice of his team.

Biggie Irie
Biggie Irie will perform ‘De Big Dawg’

“It was a song I always had from the beginning of the season but it wasn’t finished and I wasn’t happy with the arrangement when we were doing it for the tent. I kept putting it off…

“I was supposed to do it on judging night but when I came back from overseas I still wasn’t happy with it.  I was still going to do ‘Sweet Type of Way’ for the finals but then Gabby and my team encouraged me to change it.  So we completely changed the arrangement, added a couple more verses so I’m now satisfied with it,” he stated, adding that he is ready to compete tonight.

Adrian Clarke had indicated plans to perform a different song in an earlier interview.

Adrian Clarke will not have his nemesis Ronnie Clarke with him in the semi-final.
Adrian Clarke will perform ‘Real Kaiso’


“I’m changing Not Studying Uranus. It will not have the same impact with my fellow calypsonian Announcer not being in the Finals. If he was, it would be one heck of a showdown… . I have two other choices. I won’t say what they are right now, and I will choose the one that best suits the occasion,” he said at the time.

Now, having opted for ‘Real Kaiso’, Clarke admitted he knows he has a lot of work to do ahead of tonight’s competition but he is ready.

“I’ve made some changes lyrically and song-wise . . . . I will be rewriting certain things. My main concern is being able to retain the songs. But If I don’t remember something, I never stop singing, he said.

Two other contenders for this year’s title, Classic and Hee Haw, have made some lyrical changes ahead of their performance.

Ian 'I-Web' Webster
Reigning monarch Ian ‘I-Web’ Webster will defend his crown against nine calypsonians

Nine calypsonians will seek to dethrone the reigning monarch, iWeb: Adonijah, Biggie Irie, Donella, Hee Haw, Classic, Colin Spencer, Adrian Clarke, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles and Enobong. Mr. Blood is the reserve.

Hee Haw will be the first performer at tonight’s show, which is scheduled for 8:00 at Kensington Oval.


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  1. Ryan Bayne
    Ryan Bayne August 1, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    Good luck, Biggie Irie


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