‘Five too many’

No bail for guard with five outstanding warrants

COURT TODAY BLOCKRoderick Orlando Griffith got bail yesterday but today he was not so fortunate.

The security guard of Ashbury, St George reappeared in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts.

When he first went to that court on Thursday, he was not required to plead to causing serious bodily harm to Anderson Roach. He was released on bail overnight to return with a surety today.

An additional charge of stealing a wallet and $1,700 from Roach was read to Griffith today, to which he pleaded not guilty.

His surety was present and Griffith very likely would have been given further bail were it not discovered that he had five outstanding warrants against his name totalling $2,450.

When a court marshal made that known to the court, Griffith’s attorney Oliver Thomas urged the court to “exercise some degree of benevolence” since his client had only recently resumed working.

The lawyer added that Griffith had two children to support, one of whom had Down’s syndrome and the mother was unemployed.

“A great responsibility falls on Mr Griffith,” Thomas said. He therefore asked the court to consider allowing him to pay in increments “now that he is gainfully employed.”

In response, Watts commented: “You have done nothing about one warrant, you have done nothing about two, you have done nothing about three, you have done nothing about four, you have done nothing about five. . .and all of a sudden you expect that a magistrate must pay attention to your plea when you had five opportunities to pay?”

Watts then told Griffith that when he started to work he should have gone to the court and asked for other arrangements to be made, and should not have let the warrants amount to five.

“Don’t wait until you go to court on a completely different matter and then say you have a child with Down’s syndrome and you just got work. That is how you live?”

Griffith was remanded until August 28. “You are not leaving here on five warrants. That is ridiculous,” Watts stressed.

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