Barbados’ squash in good hands

Barbados’ outstanding performance at home during the just concluded 2015 Junior Caribbean Squash Championship has impressed veteran coach Carl Ince.

Veteran squash coach Carl Ince (left) with former student and Barbados coach Rhett Cumberbatch. (Picture by Morissa Lindsay)
Veteran squash coach Carl Ince (left) with former student and Barbados coach Rhett Cumberbatch. (Picture by Morissa Lindsay)

Ince, currently the highest ranked coach at level four in the Caribbean, said Barbadian level two coach Rhett Cumberbatch was one of the best students he has ever had and was proud to see one of his protégés come up against him and do so well.

He explained that Cumberbatch should be praised for the work he has done for squash, especially with the juniors. The home team was well represented when they won the girls’ title, defeating Guyana 3-2 and in so doing prevented the Guyanese ladies from capturing their tenth consecutive title.

 Meanwhile the local boys also did the ultra-marine, gold and black proud when they made it into the finals after 13 years and captured silver when they played a strong Guyana team in the finals and lost 3-2.

“Here it is he [Rhett] has broken the record for the girls because he has worked extremely hard, even the times he spent with me on the farm [in Guyana]. There was no time for going out and we worked one on one and anything he did not understand he did not have to be embarrassed to ask because when you are in big classes you feel embarrassed to ask but one to one you can ask anything and you can see the results of it,” Ince said.

 The long-serving coach, considered one of the best of all times in the Caribbean, recently led Guyana to their 11th consecutive overall team championship over a week ago at the junior competition held in Barbados.

Ince told Barbados TODAY after the competition that he hoped Barbados recognized the work of Cumberbatch and sought to utilize him instead of looking outside to bring in overseas coaching.

“I only hope that Barbados recognize his work and look after him instead of sending outside and bringing in coaches. If you have a coach like Rhett here the [players] all get to know him, he can bond with them and they believe in him. Other coaches come in for two to three months and get paid much more than they would pay Rhett and they gone,” Ince lamented.

He also added that when Guyana won the title a couple years ago they took it from Barbados and Ince said he hoped that if anyone took the overall title from his team it would be Rhett.

The squash guru explained that one of the key reasons Guyana was so successful in squash was due to management and the involvement of parents.

“Parents’ involvement is ace because they talk to me and tell me what their children are like and it is easier for me to coach them because a kid may be having a bad time at home and you are talking to them, explaining things to them, they may look at you and you think they understand but they have got other problems. But if you know what is going on then at least you can do something about it. But I think the number one thing would be parents’ involvement,” he said.

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