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Police crackdown on unruly revellers

Police have served notice of their intention to deal firmly with anyone caught illegally entering Foreday morning and Kadooment bands during this Crop Over finale weekend.

In a press release, Public Relations Officer Acting Assistant Superintendent David Welch reminded the public that the law provided for stiff penalties for persons found guilty of disturbing bands, including a fine of $5,000 or six months imprisonment or both.

Police Public Relations Acting Assistant Superintendent David Welch.
Police Public Relations Acting Assistant Superintendent David Welch.

According to section 27 of the Public Festivals Act, a person who, in respect of a public festival, is not a member of a band or is not an authorized person, shall not enter a band without the permission of an authorized person while that band is in a band assembly area or on a prescribed or designated route.

Additionally, the law states that any person who unlawfully enters a band after having been forbidden to do so by an authorized person; or uses threatening or abusive words or behaviour or engages in disorderly behaviour likely to constitute harassment or cause alarm or distress to any member of the band, for the purpose of securing entry into the band, either for himself, or for any other person; or fails to leave the band after he has been directed to do so, is guilty of an offence.

Corporate Communications Specialist with the National Cultural Foundation, Simone Codrington, told Barbados TODAY this evening that all systems were go for an exciting finale to this year’s Crop Over festival.

She said more than 300 stalls were expected at Bridgetown Market which was scheduled to open tonight on Spring Garden Highway while 47 bands were registered to take to the road for the Foreday Morning jam which was down to start at midnight.

Codrington also revealed that Adrian Clarke and Biggie Irie, two finalists in the Pic-o-de-Crop calypso competition slated for Kensington Oval tomorrow might, had each decided to change one of their two songs.

At this event, the winners of the inaugural Barbados TODAY Crop Over Superstar contest will be announced and presented with their prizes.

On Monday, thousands of costumed revellers are expected to take to the street, from the National Stadium to Spring Garden Highway, in a total of 22 Kadooment bands to bring a climax to this year’s festival.

The NCF spokeswoman said while the stands at the National Stadium would remain closed to spectators, there would be adequate tents and seating in place for those who wanted to watch the spectacle “live”.

“We are always looking to get people back into the stadium. There is going to be a little more life at the stadium with some of the bands assembling in the stadium itself as opposed to outside. Of course, you can watch it on television, but we would like people to come to the stadium,” Codrington said.

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