Four-year-old critically injured in shootout

NASSAU –– A mother whose four-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son were injured in a mass shooting of five people on Key West Street on Wednesday night, yesterday recalled attempting to shield them from the barrage of bullets.

Four-year-old Mickia Major was shot in the back of the head. Her older brother  Shavargo Major was shot in the leg. The young girl was in critical condition on Wednesday night.

Four-year-old Mickia Major.
Four-year-old Mickia Major.

After surgery yesterday morning, Mickia was responsive and breathing on her own, according to her mother Vanessa Major, 24.

Her son was also in stable condition.

Two other men and a woman, who Major said are her friends, were also shot during the incident, but their injuries were not life-threatening, police said.

Major said she and her two children were standing outside their apartment complex around 10:30 p.m. with several other people when she heard gunshots.

A police officer gathering evidence at the scene on Key West Street on Wednesday night after five people were shot.
A police officer gathering evidence at the scene on Key West Street on Wednesday night after five people were shot.

Her back was turned to the shooter, she noted.

“I heard the shots and I dropped low, found my children and covered them,” said the mother, who spoke to The Nassau Guardian after returning to their home from the hospital.

There was still blood on the ground. Beside the blood was a pair of slippers, which Major said belonged to her son.

“After the shots stopped, I got up to tell them [her children] let’s go,” she said.

“I lifted up my baby. I lifted her up from a puddle of blood, a puddle full of blood.

“We dropped right there.”

Major said she and her children went outside for a moment. She said she did not see the shooter because the incident happened so quickly. The mother added
she did not feel she or her children were the intended targets.

She said there was an altercation just before the shooting involving a woman, who then made a call.

The shooting occurred minutes later, Major said.

“I don’t understand why it had to be my children, innocent people, who have not done anyone anything.”

Chief Superintendent Paul Rolle told reporters on scene that shortly after the shooting police arrested a man who they believe is responsible.

Rolle said police also arrested a woman, who they believe is connected to the gunman and may have played a part in the shooting.

“We believe this incident stemmed from an argument that happened earlier today [Wednesday] involving a female resident of East Street,” he said.

“We believe, resulting from that, this incident happened.”

Major said as she heard gunshot after gunshot, she prayed for the lives of her children to be spared.

“The only thing I was saying was, ‘Lord, I hope nothing has happened to my child’,” she said.

“I was not even sure she had been shot. All I saw was the blood. But I did not know until I reached the hospital, and they told me what is what.”

Major said she recognizes how lucky her family is to be alive and thanks God. She said Mickia was able to call out to her yesterday morning.

“She said, ‘Mummy, I want something to drink’,” Major said. “She is okay. My son is okay. He got grazed by the bullet.”

Major said the experience has changed her life and she plans to move away from Key West Street.

“The environment I am living [in], I have to get out,” she said.

“The people I [am] around, I have to get out. I don’t bother anyone, so I don’t understand why?”

Rolle called the shooting an “unfortunate, and unacceptable” incident.

Source: (Nassau Guardian)

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