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Threats to wife gets husband remanded Psychiatric hospital

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter receiving a presentencing report on a 54-year-old carpenter who admitted beating his wife and threatening to cut her up, Magistrate Douglas Frederick accepted the probation officer’s recommendations and remanded the man to the Psychiatric Hospital.

Derek Wong, of #5 Free Hill, Black Rock, St Michael returns to the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court on August 10. He pleaded guilty in May to assaulting his wife and using the words “I gine stab you in you neck” and “I would cut you up and no one would hear you.”

The Court heard on that occasion that Wong is a heavy drinker and, as a result, had been physically and verbally abusive to his wife during their 10-year marriage.

On May 30, Wong cuffed his wife in the head before grabbing a knife from the kitchen threatening the woman. This was done in the presence of one of their sons, who held on to his mother in an effort to protect her.

When she began screaming, her eldest child came out of his room and he too intervened in an effort to get Wong to stop. She then went to a neighbour’s house and reported the matter to the police.

When Wong reappeared in court yesterday, he explained that one of his issues was that he did not want his wife to work so he “puts the money there.”

“But this behaviour can’t work in 2015,” Magistrate Frederick told him. “Women are going out to work because they want to be independent. More of them may be working now than men,” he added.

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  1. Beverley Hunte-Springer
    Beverley Hunte-Springer July 29, 2015 at 8:21 am

    She needs to get a job & run as fast as she could from him.


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