Curfew for engineer

COURT TODAY BLOCKA 22-year-old St Michael man is out on bail but he must be “off the streets of Barbados by 7 p.m”. and must not leave his Barkers Road, Haggatt Hall residence before 6 a.m.

When Rachad Rudolf Hoyte appeared in the District  ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court yesterday, he was not required to plead to unlawfully and maliciously engaging in conduct which placed Mauricio Chase in danger of death or serious bodily harm on June 24.

Hoyte, an engineer, also faced a second charge of riding his motorcycle in a manner dangerous to the public on the same date. He denied the charge.

Sergeant Theodore McClean told the court the first offence was serious. With regard to the second, the police prosecutor said it was necessary to “protect society from persons engaging in dangerous and reckless behaviour which is likely to cause others harm” or make them fearful of harm.

McClean also told the court that the accused had fled from the scene after the incident.  He argued that if granted bail, Hoyte might not only fail to come to court, but might commit other offences.

Angella Mitchell-Gittens, attorney for Hoyte, explained that the charges came about “over a month ago”. She said police never went to Hoyte’s home to look for him, he was never placed in the media as ‘wanted’ and it was only on Saturday night while at a fete, that he was approached by a police officer.

“If there was ever a time to flee, that would have been the time,” Mitchell-Gittens stressed, since “there were hundreds of people at the fete”.

“The Bail Act states that you must have substantial grounds (to deny an accused bail), not that a prosecutor has fears,” she contended.

“The fact that the offence is serious is a factor to be considered by the court, not a ground for denying bail.”

The defence attorney pointed out that the charges arose out of circumstances where someone felt threatened by the way in which Hoyte rode his motorcycle.

Hoyte was eventually released on $15,000 bail. As a condition, he also has to report to a police station thrice weekly.

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  1. Veroniva Boyce
    Veroniva Boyce July 29, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Curfew and $15,000 bail for that offence and the UK Law Student was given no criminal record, deportation declined, a bonus to continue his holiday and enjoy Crop Over for possession of marijuana. Wunna suppose to destroy the motorcycle and give the idiot a lengthy ban from owning any form of vehicle. Wunna need to put an end to the virus ‘one rule for one and one for another.’


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