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VOICEOFREASONThis week’s column introduces the complement to my Voice Of Reason –– the people want to know. This is where
I grapple with some of the questions running around in my head about happenings around Barbados and the world.

Dear @BajanSocial Media:

Have a seat –– several actually. Here is the National Stadium. (When is that going to be finished By the way?)

While I understand the fear of Kick ’Em Jenny, in the context of a country that has not suffered a major natural disaster in a long time, there is fear and then there is foolishness. I felt like I saw a great deal of the latter.

Where did you hear about these hundred-foot tidal waves?

For those of you who believe in the grab ya wives, grab ya kids, what was your plan?

Here is what an orange alert for seismic activity actually means.

“Highly elevated level of seismic and/or fumarolic activity or other unusual activity. Eruption may begin with less than 24 hours notice.”

Yes, this admittedly sounds a little scary. Here’s the thing: the majority of the scientific community has concluded that Kick ’Em Jenny is too far from the surface of the Caribbean Sea, and fears of its gradual rise sufficiently close to the surface are unlikely to occur. So be alert, for the possibility of an earthquake, but the likelihood of a tsunami is really low

How did I know this? I am glad you asked. Good old Google!

While there were some sober tweets, many were hysterical and or hilarious. I will focus on the hilarious.

“When Kick ’Em Jenny touch down, the whole place shell down.”

“I already pay for my costume. Kick ’Em Jenny, don’t do me dat.”

Hurricane season is upon us. So those of you who stock up on biscuits and tin food, ya ready? Will we take hurricane season so seriously, though?

Dear Cahill:

Whose idea was it to host the forum on Wednesday night? Talk me through the logistics and the insight behind the forum. I’m told the purpose of the meeting was to dispel “the myths” about the gasification plant. From every report, things didn’t quite go so well.  “Epic failure” and “disaster” have been a few descriptors thrown around.

The people still want to know:

How much water is required for the operations of the gasification plant?

Where is said water coming from?

How much is electricity gonna be sold for?

Where are we planting this king grass?

What happens to the operations of the plant if we don’t have enough king grass?

Where was the other half of this public-private partnership? You know, the Government?

Dear Pastor Lynroy Scantlebury:

I am glad to see in the midst of all of this gloom some relatively good news. I’ve got questions though. I want to ask you about somethings you’ve said recently. In case you forgot for ease of reference, I’ve quoted you below:

“What the Lord shared with me is that he is shifting an oil vein from Trinidad and Venezuela, and he’s bringing that oil to Barbados. So these tremors are really to adjust the country, so that the oil can really begin to come inland here in Barbados.” Reaaaaally?

I am glad to know the earth’s rumblings were not about the moral or political failings of the country; that “it was simply God’s intention to bring Barbados to the place where He wants it to be”. I was wondering about the geography and geomorphology of it all though.

Any thoughts, Pastor David Durant?

Dear American Justice System:

The incessant taking of black lives by actors of the state without any hope for justice has left me drained.

Name after name, after name, dead. You still seem to be blinded by your belief that life should just go on. To those who say this is not about race, this is merely about overzealous police officers who are trained to expect deference, how come we see so many non-black defiant citizens who walk away, alive, unscathed? Why are the stats so high for people of colour?

Police officers, no one owes you submission or deference. No man woman or child should have to bow and genuflect in your presence in order not to be assaulted or to keep breathing.

Do you think you can be less racist?

Dear Wrestling Fans:

Are you surprised that Hulk Hogan, a man who wrestles for a pay cheque is different off-camera than when he is jumping and jiving around for your enjoyment? Okay, well  you also believe that wrestling entertainment is real.

When exactly will you wake up ?

Dear Flow:

I have to admit over the last weeks I’ve caught myself singing: “Grab somebody and tell them helloooo . . . .” The song is catchy, and your marketing is everywhere really. Blue monkeys/minions/ads/events. Good on you!

Now here’s the thing, I actually wanted to tell someone hello, but between the Internet not quite working, and the phone missing in action, I just wanted to grab something . . . and well . . . .

That being said, what’s going on though? #askingforme

Barbados Government and the FTC, any second thoughts?

Dear CNN:

I have been pummelled by the views of Donald Trump on immigration, John McCain’s war service and President Barrack Obama’s birthplace as he seeks to become America’s next president. You have bolstered him in this endeavour by devoting countless hours of TV time to his –– to quote Barbados’ Prime Minister –– “utterances”.

As an avid watcher of your network, I am concerned that with every hour of coverage devoted to this demented man we are losing brain cells.

Do I really need to take Donald Trump seriously?

Dear Barbados TODAY:

Alligator? Fuh real?

(Andwele Boyce is a young communicator who is passionate about politics and popular culture.

Andwele holds a Master’s in international trade policy and is currently pursuing a law degree.)

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