Give me what is mine!

COURT TODAY BLOCKComplainant Kevin Johnson would like to get back his passport, “at least $2 000 and the jeans”.

Two weeks ago, Kemar Renaldo Barton broke into Johnson’s home and stole items worth $4,201.70, including $3 000 in cash, a Samsung S3 cellular phone valued at $800, a Guyanese passport and a pair of jeans.

The 22-year-old, of no fixed place of abode, pleaded guilty before the District ‘A’ Traffic Court, but said Johnson was willing to drop the matter once he gets his money back.

However, Johnson did not show up for court last week since he was not told to do so. The matter was therefore adjourned until today so that the court could determine whether what Barton said was true.

Johnson was saving towards a trip overseas and on the night of the incident, he awoke to find a shadow in his bedroom. Barton stole the items and ran. He later handed over only the cellular phone and US$140 to police.

When the case came up before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts earlier today, Barton’s attorney Oliver Thomas said his client was willing to hand back over the jeans, and to repay the $2 000 if given time, but was no longer in possession of the passport.

Acting Magistrate Watts said once the complainant was satisfied with that, the court would not override it but his concern was that Johnson must now decide what he will accept in lieu of the passport and, moreso, the fact that Barton had no fixed place of abode.

However, Barton’s employer, who spoke on his behalf last week, stood as surety for him today. Barton will now be residing with him as well.

The case was adjourned until August 11.

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