Ram and Edwin’s show!

All Ah We had the Party Ah De Year yesterday at Bushy Park.

It was Peter Ram and Edwin’s show at the St Philip venue, and the thousands that packed the racing circuit were
wuk up-ready.

Party Monarch winner Peter Ram had All Ah We jammin’ yesterday at Soca Royale.
Party Monarch winner Peter Ram had All Ah We jammin’ yesterday at Soca Royale.
The General Edwin treated patrons to Party Ah De Year.
The General Edwin treated patrons to Party Ah De Year.

In the MQI Party Monarch, the decision was definitely unanimous; and, judging from the shouts of “hey, hey, hey” all around Bushy Park –– even before the Yella African was announced, it was clear he was the one the crowd was waiting to see. And he did not disappoint.

The 100 points earned from the judges was a clear indication he didn’t. A simple, yet dynamic and explosive performance is what Ram gave.

And if you came into Bushy Park not knowing the song, you were sure to leave singing with strangers on the left and right “hey, hey, hey”.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY shortly after coming offstage and celebrating with his many fans who flocked backstage to congratulate him, Ram said the feeling had not yet sunk in.

“It’s like a dream. So I can’t really give you the fullness of the feeling right now. As for now, the people happy; they still shouting; they still chanting ‘hey, hey, hey’. Once the people happy, I’m happy.

“And it’s a beautiful feeling knowing that it’s the people tune, and it did justice, and we accomplished our goal,” he said with pride beaming from his face.

Second to him was King Bubba with When Ah Touch Down, which totalled 68 points –– a whole 32 away from Ram.

King Bubba also had his own personal fan club; and his presentation was complete with “flying men” and a Hulk who touched down and mashed up the stage.

Third, and very close behind King Bubba, was the “kid” and ladies’ man Hypasounds, scoring 66, with How She Like It.

But don’t mind the third place, for Hypasounds it felt like first.

“To actually have this envelope in my hand with third place and my name written on it feels great. To know where I started and to know where I came from and to know that all through the years I never gave up. It’s really a great feeling. I know the fans are still happy no matter what,” Hypasounds said.

Fourth was Li’l Rick on 58 points with We Bizness. After prematurely introducing himself, the Hypa Dawg still gave a dynamic performance as only he knows how.

Rounding out the top five in the Party Monarch was iWeb on 52 points with Last Time.

In the Sweet Soca competition, the decision was not that unanimous. In fact, the crowd who waited around for the results held their breaths as the results were announced. Many expressed their disagreement with Edwin being chosen as the Sweet Soca monarch.

But this was a historic win for The General, as he had never taken the title before. He put down a performance only a “general” would know how to and amassed 95 points for it.

Second to him was iWeb who scored 74 points with All-Inclusive.

iWeb told Barbados TODAY, after placing in both Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions, that he was “happy”.

“I am so happy and proud. I gave it my best shot. Everything didn’t come off the way I wanted it to, but at the end of the day Edwin was fantastic. From the time I heard him perform it was a great show. Lots of respect to him. I actually plan to spend some time with Edwin and learn from him . . . . I’m really estatic,” he said.

Third place went to Red Plastic Bag with Spontaneous. This was probably the biggest shock to the crowd. He scored 64 points. He had one of the most popular songs going into the competition, but the judges decided the performance was not the winning one.

TC was fourth with Under De Influence.


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