Stop the Kadooment slide, please!

A group of church leaders today led a stinging attack on Barbadians, “including Christians [who] forget God to revel and enjoy the flesh” during Crop Over.

At a press conference to launch Operation Intercession, a 24-hour prayer vigil to be held August 2, the church leaders also blasted “the rise of non-Christian religions”, which they claimed also aided in the “immorality” that challenged the foundations on which the country was built.

Rev John Carter of Word Alive Christian Centre in Warrens, St Michael contended that there had been a moral, social and economic decline here in recent times, especially during Crop Over.

“Tens of thousands of people, including Christians forget God to revel and enjoy the flesh,” Carter lamented, blaming “increasing prayerlessness” for a number of ills, including murders.

However, he was confident that the vigil, a collaboration among over 20 churches, would spread blessings throughout the country during the festive weekend.

Apostle David Coulthrust of the same church took strong objection to Grand Kadooment, claiming that those who participated in the revelry were intellectually dishonest.

Apostle David Coulthrust

“I call it intellectual dishonesty because we have some intellectuals in this country that back whatever this is that we’re going to do on the 3rd of August. And those same intellectuals will cite history and talk about the Church’s historical involvement . . .  and forget that the slaves came up with Crop Over as an event to honour . . . and thank God for the harvest.

“These are the same intellectuals [who] will tell you we need to honour history, we need to be true to our roots
. . . then will allow something significant as Crop Over to slide into Kadooment, because this is not what those guys created,” said Coulthrust.

He referred to the island’s most anticipated event as “an offshoot of carnival”, unrelated to Barbadian history.

The pastor of 15 years contended that “Crop Over is Christian, Kadooment is not”.

He commended the Experience Tent and Walk Holy Band for “trying to keep the festival as a Crop Over festival and not let it slide into Kadooment”.

Pastor Paul Watson of the Messiah House Wesleyan Holiness Worship Centre shared similar sentiments, and called on the authorities to “take a stand and arrest some of these people for having sex in public, and destroying public morals” of the country’s youth.

“I’ve often called the authorities from my pulpit [to do something],” said Watson.

He pleaded with the media to play their part by refusing to publish photographs of the revellers, before Coulthrust interjected: “It’s pornography.”

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  1. Jamar Jones
    Jamar Jones July 25, 2015 at 1:48 am

    Oh stfu

    • D'Rickka July 26, 2015 at 10:28 am

      ^^^^^i wid yuh, ‘judge not least ye be judged’, de people dat this is directed at don’t care wuh dem preachers think(otherwise they won’t be doing it)leh de people be able tuh release wuh eva stresses dat builded up over de year in wuh eva form, shape or fashion dem chose. Tek care uh wunna congregation & leave people alone……YOLO.

  2. Renaldo Springer July 25, 2015 at 7:04 am

    Good day… I come humbly to ask does the bible not say Judge not least you be judged but yet you are allowed to Judge those in the church so Judge those who claim to be Christian and engage in it… I see no fault there… Amazing History and Religions label the religions of the Africans as pagan and the Bible will dictate such as they are not monotheistic, so can you humbly answer me why you would condone any part of a religious festival that has pagan origins? Honestly I am liable to be wrong and am open to correction

  3. King$ani July 25, 2015 at 7:11 am

    In the times of crop over, the “God” which you speak of was the same God the white man used to control the slaves. A God which was forced on our people after coming from a different realm of spirituality. So you want us to go from free minded Kadooment back to the colonial, controlled Crop over? If we must be “true to our roots” then there is no point in serving a God which our ancestors had no knowledge of. Also, the true arrests must be made to the false prophets and bad minded souls hiding behind a sheep’s cloak of “innocence.” Lastly, art is represented in many ways. Even in christianity, nakedness was seen as something spiritual and artsy. I respect all Kadooment designers for their art, and the costumes represent their creativity, whether it is big and masking or small and revealing, design is art not pornography, dance is also an art. The “jucks” which we bajan people do was being done ages ago by our very ancestors. Yes, of course a more “upgraded” form but still follows the same rhythmic form of dance. I could go on and on about it, but my thing is, don’t judge the people. If anything, let this God which you speak of do the judging.

  4. Dr Dre July 25, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    I agree completely with everything that is said in this article even though i would prob have worded a couple of things a little differently….at the end of the day only the Holy Spirit can truly draw people to understand what is truly being communicated in Love instead of arguing about words…….so I applaud this article yo. It truly is a step in the right direction. This most definitely has to be an ongoing process to see individuals and our society on a whole empowered to be who Abba desires us to be and how to operate in these contexts as to which we are speaking of. The World was NOT created in One Day it was created in Seven. But we do have to start somewhere and this in my opinion is very enlightening and courageous and meaningful no matter how any of us may be offended by what is being communicated. Change for the best isn’t always so inviting immediately for lack of a better word. I believe it’s one thing to have a celebratory type event to commemorate certain things or be included in the season of which we have Crop Over in the form of a street party with different “sections” and so on and so forth which in itself is not wrong or bad in essence but another thing to have Carnival or Kadooment which in itself according to the definition of what we have titled this street party to be at the end of the festival means to Loose all bearings or control to have fun…..just lose yuhself….it’s ok…..that’s what the words Carnival and Kadooment mean……Revelry, Lasciviousness and debauchery, drunkenness, exhibitionism and so on just to name a few or boundaries that we are invited as servants of The Most High God through Christ Jesus of Nazareth not to cross in any celebratory type event which is what a party is… we get to place this where we see our street party at the end of Crop Over facilitated in such a manner is the task that we are called as believers to courageously embrace regardless of how impossible it may appear….. we are not called to judge people but we are called to judge things and empower people to want to check for how they are behaving which does not only affect them but affects all of us……with all that being said however i do see The Spirit of God empowering people to check for such things and we need to be a lil patient also….there has been a conscious in my opinion however small we may call it for people to take a look at what has transpired in Kadooment in the past years…you truly cannot intellectualize how and what move should take place but we do allow The Spirit of the Most High God through God’s Word to Govern our intellect as we apply ourselves in way that cause the right change in Crop Over.I truly believe we have to be patient with people while not becoming lukewarm as to the posture we are to hold as it pertains to our relations with such an experience which God did design human beings to indulge in and people to be a part of!! The Apostle Paul speaks of showing Restraint in Sensual Indulgence and I truly believe this is also applicable as it pertains to partying but can only be walked out by being Spirit Led……so we point them to Jesus…to Jah ……and we lead by example through Grace through Faith in Him empowering them to “heights” the way they should and let God change it all. It’s a fairly heavy topic and many have debated over it for centuries but I agree it doesn’t mean we should just adopt a default based on church history or what was deemed permissible in times past nor should we just throw up our hands and just point figures at people condemning them……Let’s Be Salt and Light in accordance to His call on our lives in this environment as individuals and coorporately…..everyone has to play their part….prayer must be a part of it fuh sho…..cause our finite minds cannot negotiate it……Bless!!!! (sorry for the length of my contribution) ;)!! interesting topic i must say!!! We do His Grace also and the “critics” of those who pursue this becoming a reality need to fall back or do something which helps the cause also because we will mess up or stumble as press towards seeing this become a reality…..not excusing habitual crap but that is also another reason we need His Grace ….for far to long Religion or pharisees have stifled the Most of The Holy Spirit in this country with their tongues lashing also……all they do is criticize….they don’t do anything …..hopefully we wont settle for that kind of posture. we have to learn to Graciously ignore comments such as Jamar’s STFU and press!!! Blessings to ya’ll…this is wassup!!!

  5. dave July 25, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    Oh come on please ! let the people have some fun do. who says that your method of worship is even the right way to worship ?
    the majority of persons behave themselves well according to your standards. we live in a world and share space with all sorts of persons. what should we do ? be in the world but not of the world. I believe when these people say God that what they really is Victorian Eurocentric mores and ways that we should adhere to. Want to hear something ? the same crap they are saying now , they have been saying for 400 years in relation to black people of African heritage and culture versus European culture . Everything Africans do is wrong. Everything Europeans do is right .

    I have always questioned myself about wukking up and. I have concluded that if sex is for the procreation of the species that displays of sex is a guarantee that sex will continue and the species will continue. Nature has a way of taking care of itself. We need more babies anyhow. Increase and multiply is the greatest commandment

  6. jrsmith July 26, 2015 at 5:13 am

    To the bible wavers, that most religious, person chooses what suits them , when to open they mouths, and pray. PREACHERS, one want things ban the other want people arrested,

    Christians, for decades you all knew your congregation sons and daughters were molested , and said nothing, a lot of you conning old people out they land and homes and bank accounts, and when caught you run off, to another island or country.


    What we need in Barbados ,to turn all those fancy name pray houses into factories and businesses.

  7. Ann Harding July 27, 2015 at 8:19 am

    Only ever judge the behavior, never the person. What are the consequences of overt public displays of sexuality?

  8. Olutoye Walrond July 27, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    It is true that on kadooment day there is behaviour that is less than wholesome. In fact some of it is quite disgusting. So where do we go from here? You can’t arrest someone simply because something is unwholesome; it has to be against the law.

    But I think for many Christians there is a notion that if we have fun – especially fun that involved dancing – we are indulging in the lust of the flesh. Indeed one of the pastors quoted here said as much:

    “Tens of thousands of people, including Christians forget God to revel and enjoy the flesh….”

    This belief in rooted in the false notion that to have fun is, somehow contrary to God wishes. And yet it was God who created us and gave us the gifts of dance and music, and the ability to enjoy them. It is therefore quite wrong to talk of forgetting God to enjoy the flesh.

    You don’t forget God to enjoy the gifts he gave you. That is quite illogical. You acknowledge that the things you enjoy are gifts from him. And we can only enjoy them in the flesh, since we are in the flesh right now.

    When Jesus was on earth he ruffled quite a few religious feathers of persons who also thought that the service of God was about religiosity and piety.

    When all is said and done we’ve got to learn to live in a world with sin. We simply cannot fashion the world into what we would like it to be. More Christians need to follow the example of 7th. Day Adventists who will make their way to church on Saturday in the midst of a sea of people engaged in everything else but worship.

    Christ, himself, admonished us not to fret ourselves because of evil doers. He couldn’t transform everyone in his time andf he doesn’t expect us to do so either.

    They called him a drunkard and a wine-bibber because he didn’t conform to their notions of Godliness. But he knew that true Godliness was reflected in the fruits of the ‘heart’ and not in our adherence to a set of religious rules and conventions created by man.

  9. Tristian Balgraves August 2, 2015 at 2:41 am

    The issue that must be address is the separation of powers, namely the powers of the state and that of the church or religious bodies. Any one born on this rock is first and fore most a Barbadian and as such belongs to the state with all the rights and privileges and responsibilities afforded by the state. When last I check Barbados was not a religious state. At this time of writing, no one is born in Barbados is a Christian with the entire flavors it comes with or Muslim. I believe the late W.E.Barrow removed the Anglican Church from this position some years ago. I will do some more research on that.

    Religious leaders (the Church) seeking to ensnare Jesus asked the question, whom should we serve? Jesus who being God in the flesh Emanuel, saw through their deception and said ‘Render unto César (the state) that which is Cesar and to God that which is Gods.’ The Christian church is under great deception spearheaded by their leaders’ lust for worldly power and worldly recognition. They preach one thing and do another; the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation the shouts heard from the pulpits but these false Shepherds run and seek out political office to carry out the ‘work of God’. Having a form of Godliness, they in reality and practice are rejecting the power of God, Jesus Christ, to their own destruction like unto Sodom and Gomorra.

    Surely, it is indeed truth; my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. The fact that the church and state union is an abomination as shown in the very same bible (See Revelations the Christian Church is seen as a whoring woman) used by Rev John Carter of Word Alive Christian Centre, Apostle David Coulthrust and church leaders alike. These religious leaders along with their misguided followers like to use scripture as a bullwhip while claiming authority form God to coerce other to their will and beliefs. This is a most perverted atrocity.

    If these false preachers, self-called apostles and their congregation read their own bible, starting form Moses to Malachi, they could see, (None is blind as those that will not see.) that God never asked his prophets to speak out against the surrounding nations or what they practice and believed. His commandments were for the nation of Israel his own people the then church. In the New Testament, Jesus at no time sought to tell the state, the Romans, all unbelievers how to conduct their affairs politically or otherwise.

    Pastor Paul Watson of the Messiah House Wesleyan Holiness Worship Centre shared similar sentiments, and called on the authorities to “take a stand and arrest some of these people for having sex in public, and destroying public morals” of the country’s youth.

    The Christian Church has no God given directive, biblical or otherwise to tell Barbadian what to do or not to do at Crop Over or Grand Kadooment. In other word Christianity is for Christians, Islam is for Muslims and those that chose of their own accord to whatever faith.

    In the past this abomination, unclean, unholy alliance had world dominance in the form of the Papacy. This epoch is known as the dark ages where she ruled with an iron rod bending all to its will. This era ended with the French when Napoléon march into Rome and incarcerated the Pope. In this day and for the time being that is; this ‘new idea’ of the church and state separation is being championed by the United Stated of America by those fighting for their rights founded in its constitution.

    Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), has shown the evil of this abomination. The only difference between ISIS and these Christian pastors is time. For they all have the same evil spirit and that is to control the minds of men by any means possible for they own glory in the name of God. Shall we not hear and heed the warning?

    Religious liberty ought to uphold and defended. Those who refuse to learn from the past are doom to repeat it with greater consequences than before. If the church tells the state what to do, it will come to hunt them when the state does likewise. He that sows to wind shall reap the whorl wind. For all the education and information that is readily available to us, we must as well be back in the dark ages.


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