Tiffany’s call could have saved fiancé’s life

If Tiffany Hunte could somehow turn back the hands of time, she would have called her boyfriend Sean Jordan on that Friday night of June 5 and advised him against going out. For the grieving Vineyard, St Philip resident, that is now unfortunately an impossibility, as she struggles to come to terms with the reality that her friend of more than 16 years, and boyfriend of five, was murdered in the wee hours of the Saturday following.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, the 27-year-old mother of a four-year-old son with Jordan said although she was happy someone had been arrested and charged with the murder, she was yet to accept that her baby’s father was gone.

Jordan, of Gemswick, St Philip, was gunned down along Waverley Road, Christ Church, after reportedly leaving a party. He subsequently passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he was rushed for treatment.

Police have charged Rohan Alisaire Mario Holder in the matter. The Smith Gap, Lammings Park, St Joseph resident recently appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court on the charge of murder and was remanded in custody.

Tiffany Hunte
Tiffany Hunte

“We were together for five years, but we knew each other from the time we were 11 years old, from first form at Deighton Griffith,” Hunte painfully recalled in an interview. “Having him in my life, we were always close. He was in my life for 16 years, and then he just
gone one day.

“He was shot [about] ten times,” she recounted. “I am happy that [police] caught them, but it is still not bringing him back.

“I guess that is the part that hurts most,” she lamented. “Yes, there was justice, but he is still not here.”

Hunte, a small businesswoman, said the past month had been “hard” for her, going through every day knowing she would not hear from Sean again. But the worst part, she pointed out, was trying to explain to their son Kaden where his daddy was.

“. . . My son misses him more, and he doesn’t understand as well as I do. It is just that daddy is gone for him. He is not seeing daddy at all,” Hunte said, as she looked in Kaden’s direction across the living room.

She went on: “He is [doing] good today. Sometimes at night, and the whole of [Monday], he was telling me, ‘I miss my daddy; I miss my daddy’, and I just don’t know what to say to him. All I can say is that ‘daddy is in heaven’. I don’t know what else to say to comfort him. I have to deal with his pain and my pain.”

After pausing for a few moments and fighting back tears, Hunte continued: “It really is rough. That is the truth. It is very hard.”

She said besides the support from family and friends, her job was the motivation to carry on from day to day. Hunte is the owner of Visions Of Sugar, which bakes and sells a range of sweet treats, including cupcakes, wedding and birthday cakes, doughnuts and cookies.

Tiffany Hunte: I don’t know what else to say to comfort Kaden, other than that his daddy is in Heaven.

“I just keep myself busy with my work and my son, and just try to keep my mind off it,” she said. But, added Hunte, if she only could go back in time, she would have called Sean that night and told him “don’t go out”.

The former Deighton Griffith Memorial School student said she had no idea Sean was out on the night in question until she got the news that he was shot. In fact, she recalled spending the morning at his apartment watching movies.

Sean, who was a mechanic, had intended to visit her later that day to spend some time with his son, but he got busy with work.

“He told me he wouldn’t be able to make it. I messaged him around nine o’clock the night and said, ‘I hope everything is okay with you’. I didn’t get a response and I fell asleep.

“Three o’clock on the dot, my phone rang and somebody told me, ‘Tiff, you got to come to the hospital. Get here now. Call Sean’s mum’. I was like, ‘What happened?’ and he [the caller] was like, ‘Sean got shot’, and I started to cry immediately,” Hunte recalled.

“I just broke down and I kept calling, ‘Is it bad? Is it bad?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, just get here’. Then he stopped answering the phone when I called.

“I had to let my sister take me [to the hospital] because I couldn’t drive and I was just praying, ‘Please, let him be alive. Let him be in surgery, anything but dead’. Then when I got there, I saw all the police jeeps and the Task Force, and I was like, ‘Something is not right’,” she continued.

It was then Hunte was told that her boyfriend had died. She recalled immediately going into denial as her mind raced with all the things they had planned and the good times they shared.

“I was like, ‘Sean can’t be gone. How can Sean be gone? He is supposed to go to Kaden’s Father’s Day programme’, and I just kept running through all the things that he was supposed to be there for,” she said.

When she was asked to go and identify the body, she was hesitant and insisted “he is not gone!”.

“I couldn’t believe it, and I still cannot believe it. I have not accepted it. That is the truth,” Hunte added, noting that every day she wakes up with the thought of losing Sean fresh in her thoughts, and she is still trying to wrap her mind around it.

“I just can’t understand how I could be with him the morning, and then the night time, there is no more Sean. Having him in my life for the last 16 years, then he is just not here any more. I just can’t get this understand any more,” she confessed, fighting back tears.

Besides keeping busy and depending on family for support, Hunte prays to help her through her days.

“Prayer is the only thing that can help me to understand,” she pointed out.

Recalling some of her happier times with Sean, Hunte divulged they would do a lot of driving around the island “like tourists”. She said one of the most memorable trips was when she was about four months’ pregnant and they went to the Animal Flower Cave and Sean climbed down one of the rocks.

“I always used to tell him, ‘Sean I just don’t want anything to happen to you. I do not know how I would live without you’. He was a very strong person.

“He never liked to see me crying. All he used to say was ‘crying don’t help anything; you need to stop crying’. And I try to remember him saying those things to me, and I try to let that help me to be strong, because he would not like to see me sad how I feel.

“So I try to keep myself strong, but it is very, very hard,” the grieving girlfriend said.

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