Mum’s nightmare

Mother wakes up to dead baby

When Katrina Douglas of Dash Valley, St George went to bed last night, she would have been dreaming of a long, productive and successful life for her four-month-old baby girl, Kashia.

Douglas woke up to her worst nightmare this morning. Her lovely baby, with what should have been a full life ahead of her, was lying lifeless in bed. Believing she was still dreaming, the hysterical mother picked up the child and tried shaking life back into the last of her five children.

 Katrina Douglas is trying to come to terms with her baby’s death.
Katrina Douglas is trying to come to terms with her baby’s death.

“I thought it was a dream, and that is the truth. I really thought it was a dream. I thought it was just a dream,” a distressed Douglas repeated.

The 31-year-old told Barbados TODAY this afternoon that she woke up at around 6 a.m. and immediately checked on Kashia – a routine she has followed since the child was born. Instead of being greeted by an innocent face full of life, she discovered the baby lying still and not breathing.

“She wasn’t moving or anything like that, so I just lift her up and shake her. She still wasn’t moving. I run all outside, and all over the house with she and still realize she wasn’t moving.

“I just came back inside and put her down. I just couldn’t believe it. My nephew is who carried her back in the bed. I couldn’t handle it. I went back outside,” she explained, saying she cried uncontrollably. She revealed that the baby had recently recovered from a cold, but had no diagnosed medical problem that required medication.

Leaning on her front door as if in search of additional support, Douglas explained that she felt the situation too much for her to handle at that time, and that it was her mother who called the ambulance. The baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police Public Relations Officer Assistant Superintendent Inspector David Welch said lawmen visited the home, and were treating the death as “unnatural”. However, he said a post mortem report would be required before the police determine how to proceed with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the mother said despite being just a few months old, Kashia had “a peaceful and bubbly personality”, accompanied by a “sweet smile”.

She told Barbados TODAY that while she was trying her best to cope and be strong for her other offsprings, “it just ain’t easy.

Katrina Douglas
Katrina Douglas

“I trying to do stuff to keep my mind busy. I trying to be active and going to get something to eat now because I ain’t eat nothing for the day.

“But that’s my daughter and I will miss her. I delete the pictures out of my phone because I couldn’t deal with that. I had to take them out of my phone,” she said.

Douglas is also the mother of two sons (13 and 11), as well as seven and five-year-old daughters.

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  1. Patty July 23, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    Very sad. May she find
    comfort in the Lord and may the infant rest in peace.


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