Three months for theft

COURT TODAY BLOCKStealing a $600 cellular phone and then failing to complete a drug rehabilitation programme, which he was ordered to undergo, has cost a Greenfield, St Michael man three months in prison.

That substitute sentence was imposed by Magistrate Douglas Frederick on Sheldon Angus Thorne who had pleaded guilty to the theft charge on July 31 last year. The phone belonged to Roy Bishop.

At the time, Thorne, 47, told the court he needed help for his drug problem. As a result, he was sent first to the Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation and then on to the drug rehabilitation programme at Verdun House, which he failed to complete.

The word from Verdun was that Thorne was kicked out after failing to comply and settle in with his peers.

“If you recognize that the problem is drugs and you are not addressing the problem, you are going to be back here all the time,” Frederick told Thorne.

In response, Thorne said the only reason he had “left” the programme was because a man was interfering with him and he left before it escalated.

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