Man steals money, cell, passport and jeans

COURT TODAY BLOCKWhen Kevin Johnson returns to court tomorrow, acting Magistrate Elwood Watts will know whether he wants to drop or continue a matter involving a man who stole
$3 000 from him last week.

Kemar Renaldo Barton, 22, pleaded guilty to the theft when he went before the District ‘A’ Traffic Court last Saturday and was remanded to HMP Dodds until Wednesday.

The accused explained to the court, though, that he and the complainant had made an arrangement and once the money is repaid, all will be well.

On July 15, Barton entered Kevin Johnson’s home as a trespasser and stole $3 000, a Samsung S3 cellphone valued at $800, a Guyanese passport and a pair of jeans, with a total value of $4 230.

In the facts, which Station Sergeant Irvin Kellman outlined, Johnson, who lives in a room within a rented house, was saving towards a trip overseas.

Sometime around 10 p.m. on July 15, Barton showed up at Johnson’s house. The complainant thought it strange since he had banned Barton from coming there, after hearing he had stolen another tenant’s shoes.  Johnson therefore told Barton he was leaving home and Barton left.   

Ten minutes later, another friend of Johnson showed up. The two were at the residence socializing and as soon as that friend, Chad Griffith, left, Johnson fell asleep. He awoke soon after to find a shadow in his bedroom.

He looked closer and realizing it was Barton, called out his name. By then, Barton had taken up a jeans which was on top of a suitcase. In the pocket of the pants was the
$3 000 and the passport with which Johnson planned to travel.

The complainant chased Barton but stopped when he reached a dark area in Bedford Lane. Johnson then made a report to police and Barton was held in Reed Street, The City, in the wee hours of July 16. He later handed over the cellular phone and US$140.

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