Dry taps in the North

While most Barbadian were looking forward to enjoying a tasty Sunday lunch with their family today, several households in the north and northeast sections of the island were denied this pleasure when they had to deal with dry taps for most of the day.

When a team from Barbados TODAY visited such districts as Bissex and Cambridge in St Joseph and Chalky Mount in St Andrew, several residents complained that they were unable to cook any lunch today or even do their weekend laundry because there was no water.

In Bissex, Mignon Bradshaw was seen sitting in front of her home around 3 p.m. solving a crossword puzzle, because, as she said, there wasn’t any water for her to cook her Sunday lunch.

“The water in Bissex was off from this morning. I have not cooked any food for the day. During the week the water is off most of the time. Sometimes when I return from work there is no water. A water tender is only sent to the area if someone calls in and complains,” Bradshaw complained.

Bradshaw’s neighbour Kemar Leacock also complained that residents had to deal with dry taps on a regular basis.

“There has been no water for the entire day. Fortunately, my household had a little water stored so we were able to cook lunch today,” Leacock said.

Adina “Miss Africa” Callender, who also lives in Bissex, lamented the fact that the water supply goes off every Sunday.

She also complained of water outages during the week, but acknowledged that if a call is made to the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) headquarters, a water tender is usually sent to the area.

Meanwhile, there were reports that residents of Boscobel, St Peter, also had no water.

When the team from Barbados TODAY was on its way to Boscobel, St Peter, earlier today, a BWA water tender was seen collecting water at the Arch Hall Fire Station in St Thomas for residents of Chalky Mount, St Andrew.( NC)


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  1. Tony Webster July 20, 2015 at 8:18 am

    With respect: Buy, borrow, steal, or wait till government gives one to evahbody …a water tank. Ketch rain-water…and pay B.W.A….less each month.
    Yes, it’s Bajan Rocket Science.


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