Farmer owns up to cannabis

COURT TODAY BLOCKGairy Decourcey Zephirin wasted no time admitting to the police and the court that the cannabis police caught him with on Monday, was his.

Zephirin, 38, of King William Street, Nelson Street, the City, appeared before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts yesterday where he pleaded guilty to possession of a small quantity of marijuana.

Police on duty in Storey Gap, St Michael saw Zephirin sitting under a shed with others. However, as the lawmen approached, he got up and ran, holding something in his hand.

Zephirin was pursued and caught with a small quantity of loose marijuana in a transparent plastic bag.

His attorney Romain Marshall told the court that his client had saved time by his early guilty plea, which showed “a willingness to take responsibility for his actions”.

Marshall went on to say that Zephirin was a self-employed vegetable and livestock farmer with five children whom he provided for both financially and emotionally.

The lawyer also pointed out that he had cooperated fully with the police.

Acting Magistrate Watts fined Zephirin $750 forthwith, with an alternative of three months in jail. The fine was paid.

Watts also warned and reminded Zephirin that he had been before the court “already this year for the same offence, not so long ago”.

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  1. Alex Alleyne July 17, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    $750.. paid forthwith which mean that funds “no problem” for this guy . SEAWEED still need to be clean from the beaches .


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