Bajans lose out

Rugby team to try for third place

ORLANDO –– Barbados will have to settle for their third/fourth place playoff on Saturday against Trinidad and Tobago in the North America Caribbean Rugby Association (NACRA) Under-19 Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Nickolie Bonnet (with ball) on the attack. (Pictures by Niall Brooks)
Nickolie Bonnet (with ball) on the attack. (Pictures by Niall Brooks)

This after the Bajan lads missed out on a place in the final, losing 32-7 to USA South A on Tuesday in Orlando. The hosts take on defending champions Mexico in the final also on Saturday.

In a game delayed by lightning, the USA South took a 6-0 lead early on thanks to some concerted pressure and two penalty kicks from Arkansas State flyhalf Dylan Boast.

But Barbados replied with a kick from Jake Caddy that the South deep three couldn’t control. Three Barbados players were there to kick ahead and Mitchell Morris scored in the corner.

Caddy was good with the kick to put Barbados ahead 7-6. This was Morris’s first international try, and he has followed in his father Ricky’s footsteps, representing his country in international rugby.

But the USA South A would reply with a vengeance. From a scrum, Boast looped around his centers and sent a laser-like pass to LSU wing Cameron Troxler, who found the corner. Boast slotted the conversion and the South led 13-7.

Boast had more to say. His long kick confused the Barbados defence, who thought they could call for the mark. No such luck, and under pressure the Barbados clearance kick left much to be desired.

From the ensuing lineout, the south mauled it. It was sloppy ball from the Panthers, but it was rescued well enough and Calvin Gentry was part of a massive South overlap, and the PCA center out of Memphis scored.

Boast’s conversion made it 20-7, and then a quick tap from LSU flanker Brennan Falcon made it 25-7 just as lightning halted play. Upon returning to the field the South scored once more, with Life University’s AJ Malone fending off defenders. Boast hit the kick once more.

Following the break, the wind assisted Barbados somewhat and a long kick off drove them deep into USA territory. However, the much heavier pack weight of the USA players gave them a huge advantage in the scrums and the hometown players were able to clear the ball back up field.

The Bajans managed to create three scoring opportunities in the second half, but each time were unable to put points on the board. The good news was that Barbados also shut down the aggressive USA South A attack, keeping possession in the opponents’ half for all of the second half with neither team scoring.

Barbados could still feel proud of their performance, despite the disappointing final result.

The Bajan team is unique in that is contains one set of twins, Jake and Iestyn Caddy, as well as two novice players who are second generation national players. In addition, the eldest Caddy sibling, Liam, has represented Barbados in Rugby Sevens.

The novice players are Zayn Nicholson, son of George Nicholson (former BRFU President) and Morris. Darien Walcott is an experienced U19 player and his father Curwin has also played for Barbados.

Nick Daniel (right) tackles a USA South player.
Nick Daniel (right) tackles a USA South player.

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