Moseley gets CRD

COURT TODAY BLOCKRoscoe Moseley does not intend to allow a vehicle he owned to cause him to go before the law courts again.

When the Carrington’s Village, St Michael man appeared before acting Magistrate Elwood Watts in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court today, he pleaded guilty to one charge related to the vehicle.

Namely, having the car’s glass windows tinted to such a degree that it made the driver unidentifiable from a reasonable distance, by a person outside of the vehicle. The traffic violation was committed last December 4.

When Watts reminded Moseley of another 2014 traffic offence which he had committed, Moseley replied: “Since that last one – and now this one, I sell the car, Sir.”

“So you passed on the problem to somebody else?” asked Watts.

“No, I told the person to remove the tint,” Moseley responded, adding that he had purchased the vehicle from a cop.

After he was convicted, reprimanded and discharged, a smiling Moseley said, “thank you, Sir” and walked briskly out of the courtroom.

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