Recurring nightmare

Slain youth’s mom still seeks answers

One year ago, on the night of July 14, 2014, Dario Lloyd of Reece Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, sat enjoying a game of dominoes with friends at Bonnett’s Housing Area, not far from his home.

Suddenly, the sound of gunshots echoed through the night, piercing the body of the 20-year-old. When the shootiing stopped, Dario was dead.

It’s still unclear who shot Dario, and why. However, eyewitnesses reported that several gunmen got out of a car and opened fire on the dominoes-playing group.

Kyle Yearwood misses his  best friend Dario Lloyd.
Kyle Yearwood misses his best friend Dario Lloyd.

His mother, Angela Lloyd, who was sitting in her gallery at the time, heard the gunshots. Moments later, she received the dreadful news from a friend that her son had been shot.

One year later, on the night of July 14, 2015, Lloyd organized a candlelight vigil to commemorate her only son’s life and to pray for an end to her “misery and nightmare”.

Reverend David Durant (left) comforting a tearful Angela Lloyd.
Reverend David Durant (left) comforting a tearful Angela Lloyd.

The tearful mother said she simply wanted to know who shot her son and why, complaining that whenever she contacted
the police she was told that investigations were continuing. And she wanted justice for the slain youth.

Saying that the night Dario died would forever be etched in her heart, Lloyd recalled the last thing he son said to her on that fateful night.

“I remember him just saying, ‘mummy I coming back’.”

Lloyd told Barbados TODAY these words have kept reverberating in her head,
and things at home were not the same anymore. Even cooking on Sundays has become tedious and unenjoyable.

“I don’t even got the strength because he was always, ‘mummy, I ready for my food’. He was my only son. Nothing, and no one, can replace Dario,” the mother said as she sobbed.

Dario’s little sister, Alicia Lloyd, spoke lovingly of her brother, as the candles shone brightly outside of the Bonnetts Community Centre, where the walk that started at Lloyd’s Reece Road, Brittons Hill, home, came to an abrupt end.

Dario Lloyd’s sisters (from left) Shekita, Sasha and Alicia.
Dario Lloyd’s sisters (from left) Shekita, Sasha and Alicia.

Alicia said her brother, whose favourite song was, The Heart of Worship, loved Jesus and spoke about him each day.

“Everyday he would listen to that song and he would always say that God don’t sleep. Right before Dario left the house on July 14 2014 the last thing he said to me was, ‘I love you.’ I laughed it off, and that was the last time I saw my brother,” said Alicia, standing next to Dario’s other sister Shekita Lloyd.

Two other people were injured in the shooting.  Lerron Mottley, 24, had to undergo surgery, while 14-year old Makia Knight received medical attention.

Reverend David Durant of Restoration Ministries, who walked with the family, said he was concerned about the increasing gun-related deaths here, and he prayed that persons with information on these shootings, would contact Crime Stoppers.

“It is our prayer this evening that even out of this commemorative vigil, that this case can speedily be resolved, and whoever has done this can be brought to justice, and justice can be served.

“It is my prayer that the guns will be reduced off the streets of Barbados, and, however they come into this country, they
will be stopped,” Durant said.

Those gathered for the vigil rendered their voices, singing, How Great Is Our God.


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  1. Carl Harper July 16, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Yet another publicity-seeking stunt by the DLP government senator for a photo opp to capitalize on the pain and suffering of vulnerable victims of tragedy.


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