BHTA to increase data collection

The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) is looking to increase its data collection capabilities to assist the government and private sector with future planning exercises.

The BHTA has partnered with international data provider, Smith Travel Research Inc. (STR) to provide member hotels with the company’s benchmarking services.

BHTA’s CEO, Sue Springer, said in a statement that STR produces a number of reports developed monthly which can assist with identifying a property’s market share, scale food and beverage results against other operations, and analyze and benchmark revenue costs and profit breakdown.

Springer noted that the partnership is the first of its kind in the Caribbean, and the services will be provided as a benefit to the Association’s members.

“Our association has recognized for a long time that the collection of such data has been sporadic and in some cases unobtainable.  This has caused challenges for the government and the private sector when trying to plan effectively,” she said.

Springer added the agreement with STR “will allow every hotel in our membership to sign up to utilize the services of STR at a special rate for a period of one year.”

STR’s Associate Director of Business Development, Fatima I. Thompson, said they are looking forward to working with the BHTA “to elevate the global benchmarking capabilities of the Barbados hotel community”.

STR reported that as of May 2015, there were 90 properties and more than 5,500 rooms in the local market.


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  1. Tamarind Rod July 13, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    The BHTA should learn how to honour their promotions, and how to respond to people’s requests for information. BHTA offered a promotion called Brilliant Barbados Rewards, that was valid from May to December of 2015. I visited Barbados for 12 days, May 18 to May 30 and was in possession of a Brilliant Barbados Rewards Voucher. When this voucher was presented to the various participating companies, e.g. tour groups, car rentals, etc. they all knew nothing of this promotion. I tried on several occasions to contact BHTA, left several voice messages and e-mails with the person in charge of this promotion, but unfortunately that person did not have the common decency to reply. On my return home, I did manage to contact a very nice lady at Barbados Tourism Office in New York, who promised that this matter would be looked into. I am still waiting to hear from the relevant “Big Up”. Names will be mentioned in my next post.


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