What an Experience!

High-Note-2If you thought the traditional calypso tents had anything on the island’s only Christian calypso tent, then think again.

The Experience has again shown that Christians have as impactful or even more impactful – and positive – a story to tell as the artistes from the regular tents. The evidence is seen in today’s announcement that three members of the Experience are through to the semi-finals of the 2015 Pic-o-de-Crop calypso competition.

We are talking about Margaret Enobong Holder, Billboard Billboard Murrell and Kennedy De Doc Springer. The calypso semis come off at the Wildey Gymnasium on Friday, July 17.enobong


Mr Billboard
Mr Billboard
The Doctor
The Doctor

Enobong, who is contesting with Join The Army and Crop Over Without Canes, is a four-time semi-finalist and two-time finalist.  Join the Army is urging everyone to come together in addressing the challenges facing the society; the other song is asking how can we have a Crop Over without canes, as well as a lot of other things, without canes.

De Doc, a three-time semi-finalist, is going up before the judges with Amazing Grace and More Love. In Amazing Grace, he is contending that all of the good things in our lives are the result of God’s amazing grace and not necessarily of our own doing. He is also saying that if we had more love, we could solve many of the problems
in the community.

Billboard, who has been performing in the tent for the past three years, has gone to the semis in each of those years.  Billboard, an accomplished musician who arranged the songs of the 16 tent calypsonians, has brought his “A” game through The Mask and Too Much Owing.

The Mask reflects the many people who are walking around with false fronts and are not willing to remove them by asking for help for the pain and frustration they are experiencing.  Too Much Owing speaks to the substantial personal and public debt in the country.

We wait to see what impact these songs have on the judges next Friday.

Meanwhile, the Experience now has available a compilation of this year’s 10 studio recordings and the five ‘live’ recordings. A DVD recording will also be soon ready.  If you want to know more about the tent or its music offerings, you can connect with Errol Griffith at 572-2060, or by email at experiencewithgod@gmail.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/theexperiencecalypsotent.

The final show by the Experience this year will come off tomorrow at the Ball Park Events & Entertainment Centre (former Ocean Park) east of Newton roundabout and just before the entrance to Chicmont, Christ Church.

The show begins at 7 p.m. and is free of charge.  However, donations would be welcome.

In other news, but still in the Crop Over vein, the annual Kadooment Day Family Affair 2015, organized by the Men’s Ministry of the People’s Cathedral, comes off on Monday, August 3.  It takes place at the King George V Memorial Park, Lucas Street, St Philip.

There will be ministry, fellowship and fun.  Besides physical food, those attending will get food for thought from speakers such as Bishop Dr Gerry Seale and Ambrose and Maria Carter. The event runs from 10 a.m to 4.30 p.m and is a free family get-together.

Meanwhile, Notes of Praise comes to the Frank Collymore Hall on July 18 for a massive showcase of the talents of performers ranging from three years old to over 60.   This event, which begins at 6.30 pm, will entail musical pieces comprising individual instruments such as keyboards, guitars and drums.

One of the attractions will be a four year old drummer and 80 students playing a variety of instruments together. A 60 year old musician will also be on show. Notes of Praise is a teaching centre for the playing of instruments.


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