Tensions run high at SSA

Tensions ran high at the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA)’s Wildey depot this morning and police had to be called to the compound as employees downed tools for the second straight day.

The atmosphere became strained when workers from the National Conservation Commission (NCC) turned up for fuel at the SSA’s depot.

The striking sanitation workers were among those ordered to strike by the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW), as the impasse continues over the forced retirement of employees at the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation.

Lawmen were called to the Wildey depot of the Sanitation Service Authority this morning.
Lawmen were called to the Wildey depot of the Sanitation Service Authority this morning.
Striking SSA workers.
Striking SSA workers.

One worker, Adrian Husbands, attached to the southern division, told Barbados TODAY that he and his colleagues were upset that employees from the NCC had been directed to collect garbage from around the island.

Husbands said when the NCC workers turned up in trucks, SSA employees became suspicious.

“So some of the rest of the workers come down by the gate where I was standing along with some more of my colleagues and we just look out to see exactly what was going on.

“By then half of the gate was shut and the acting manager [Roslyn Knight] turn up and she was like ‘open the other half of the gate, it should be opened’.

“She ain’t even say good morning to the workers. She just drive in, park she jeep, get out and the guard open the gate,” Husbands said.

Calm eventually returned after the NUPW President Akanni McDowall and other union representatives were called to the compound to meet with the president of the shop stewards at SSA, Hugh Smith, and other workers.

Meanwhile, private haulers were called on by Government to assist with the garbage collection as the country began to experience the impact of the now two-day-old protest.

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