So long… But not farewell

It’s clearly going to be an emotional time when reigning monarch, Sammy G, graces the stage for the final time at the Junior Calypso Monarch finals at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, come July 18.

Sammy G.

Sammy G’s song, Curtain Call, highlights her journey over the last seven years in competition.

Singing it publicly today for the first time at the Junior Monarch lunchtime concert at the Frank Collymore Hall, the monarch in the 13-18 years category showed great maturity and grace on stage.

The concert provided the two-time junior winner, along with the other finalists, with another opportunity to fine-tune and perfect their songs in front of an audience filled with campers, visitors, parents and guardians.

Reigning monarch in the 8-12 years category, Ranaan, also performed his 2015 song, When I Grow Up, for the first time today after diligently following the competition from the preliminary stage.

Raanan Hackett.
Raanan Hackett.

It has been a whirlwind of a year for him.

“It has been great,” he says of the experience which saw him perform at the Trinidad and Tobago junior calypso monarch show and the recently concluded CARICOM summit here, among other places.

“[I had] lots of performances, had a lot of calls to perform at certain shows and so on,” he told Bajan Vibes.

It’s his final year performing in the present age category and Ranaan is already looking forward to singing with the older children next year.

“I feel excited. I am looking forward to being in 13-18 next year. I can’t wait to go up against the bigger children to see what it is like. I plan to just enjoy myself in this competition.  It’s all a learning process,” the well-spoken Combermere student said.

Saying he isn’t intimidated at all, Ranaan said he has been diligently preparing to defend his crown.

“I feel good about my chances. . . .I have been doing a lot of rehearsals, been caring my voice, doing my exercises and what I know I need to do,” he added.

Despite his confidence, Ranaan said he knows he is still a child, has a lot more to learn and is ready to do so.

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