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Extradition case on hold until certificate from ag is shown

COURT TODAY BLOCKBefore the extradition case against a former male nurse can go any further, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) must provide evidence that the Attorney General has given them the authority to act in the matter.

At the start of today’s hearing, Hal Gollop QC submitted that the Crown had no status in the matter since the DPP’s office cannot represent a foreign state without a directive from the Attorney General.

In the matter, which was being heard in the District ‘A’ Traffic Court before Magistrate Graveney Bannister, Jason Forde was
accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a person with a mental disorder, sometime on or before May 10, 2004.

That was one of eight charges arising out of incidents which allegedly took place at a psychiatric hospital in Westminster, England, where Forde was employed as a nurse.

Forde resides at #2 Constance Drive, Seaview, Chancery Lane, Christ Church. The court is to decide whether Forde will be extradited back to England to stand trial.

Gollop contended today though, that in the absence of a certificate of some sort from the AG’s office being shown to the court, the hearing should not proceed.

Hal Gollop QC
Hal Gollop QC

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb-Agard QC responded by saying that she would “prefer to rely on the documentation” and to “have it in hand”.

The matter was adjourned for a short while and when it continued, Babb-Agard assured the court that the Attorney General’s office “is making checks as we speak” and as soon as the document was available, she would forward it to the court and defence counsel.

The Crown was expected to call three witnesses today.

Principal Crown Counsel Elwood Watts is also appearing in the matter.

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