SSA shutdown tomorrow as NUPW continues protests

Yesterday they called a national strike. From tomorrow, the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) will shut down the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA).

There will be no garbage pickups or burials by the SSA, as the NUPW moves into Phase 2 of its industrial action to press for the reinstatement of 13 employees of the  Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), 10 of whom have reached age 60, who were forced into early retirement.

Additionally, there will be a ‘go-slow’ at the Bridgetown Port, along with other forms of action which the union refused to disclose.

And the union’s acting General Secretary Roslyn Smith has warned that if there is no move by either the Ministry of Labour or Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to address the matter, there will be a “total shutdown of the island between now and Friday.”

The decisions were made following an almost two-and-a-half hour meeting with councillors, divisional committees of management and shop stewards from the various statutory boards this afternoon at the union’s Dalkeith, St. Michael headquarters.

The NUPW is demanding that the BIDC either rescind the letters, or pay the retired workers until they reach age 67.

Smith insisted that the NUPW had been forced into action.

“We are announcing our second phase of action because to date we have not heard anything from the Minister of Labour or the Prime Minister on the issue, in terms of holding a meeting to discuss the issue.

“As a result…effective tomorrow, there will be no collection of garbage by the SSA throughout the balance of the week. Secondly there will be no burials tomorrow and that will continue throughout the week,” Smith announced to the media, while flanked by the union’s President Akanni McDowall, the First Vice President Fabian Jones and Second Vice President Dr Ricardo Kellman.

“If the government refuses to intervene, then between now and Friday you will see a total shutdown in Barbados.”

Smith said the NUPW was willing to continue its industrial action for as long as it took to resolve the issue.

However, despite its firm stance, Smith was hopeful that a resolution would be found before the end of the week.

“For the sake of the nation we should hope that something happens, because we are not moving from our stance,” she answered, when asked if the action would continue into next week if an amicable solution were not reached by Friday.

She reiterated the NUPW’s position that union was willing to meet with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart if he requested a meeting.

With a shutdown of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) beginning tomorrow, an already bad garbage situation is poised to get worse. Residents such as Alwyn King, who resides in Hothersal Turning, St Michael are already experiencing garbage collection issues.
With a shutdown of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) beginning tomorrow, an already bad garbage situation is poised to get worse.
Residents such as Alwyn King, who resides in Hothersal Turning, St Michael are already experiencing garbage collection issues.

“The NUPW can say that there has been no effort by the Prime Minister to contact the NUPW. As the head of state he has the responsibility to the nation.

“If he cares about the country and the workers he would not wait for anyone to call him, and that is our position,” Smith maintained.

3 Responses to STRIKE 2

  1. Sharon Woolley
    Sharon Woolley July 8, 2015 at 3:05 am

    Best hope rat catchers don’t strike !

  2. Tony Webster July 8, 2015 at 6:00 am

    Rip Van Winkle, version 2: de man who sees no evil; smells none; hears even less; and you have to use the jaws-of-life…to pry open his mouth to get any explanation out… as to why nuthen is “happening”. As he sez….he ain’t de man for “injecting” he-self into nutten so. Lord, havus mercy pon me; I agree wid ‘e.
    He want “out-jecting”.

    Time… twine… day-running till night ketch it…alll of these are now come to pass. Our unions seem have re-discovered their raison d’etre, and their back-bone (new , young blood who have not connived and sold their fellow-travellers “down de river”) plus they have looked in the mirror and found the remnants of self-trespect and dignity.

    No-one is without fault, and there is much that every breathing Bajan can do to cast out anachronistic old habits and bring us ( labour, management, capital, AND governance) to a new national chapter. Tomorrow becons; TODAY, we must start the process of change. All who wish their kids to have some sort of future, please do the following:-
    1. Face some inconvenient , unpleasant realities: our Model-T Ford is on a very rocky road, wid lots of pot-holes, and we are stuck in a whole lot of eco-crap; and the road-verges (thanks to our “ratings”) are very slippery, so we have to be VERY carefgul of how to steer this ol’ car.

    2. Get out of our air-conditioned SUV’s; roll-up sleeves; and all-together…PUSH , and help us push-start this stalled old Model-T Ford.

    3. While pushing…doan forget to PRAY.

    BTW: the new leaders of our unions, can expecct a LOT more sweet-smiles ; artifice; skinnin-teets; and what our first good Guv of the Central Bank..used to call “moral suasion”….as they resume their proper status in our economy, and society. Don’t be taken-in, please. And remember that the authority you now assume, is equally matched by great resposnsibilities, to do your part to modernise our work-force, and our economy.

    We are all out-of-stock of “magic wands”, folks! We now gotta clean up a big mess, then set up shop all over again. Barnados is , and must be seen to be…OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

  3. carson c cadogan July 8, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    The pile up of Garbage across Barbados cant get any worse. The Sanitation Dept was not picking up the garbage to begin with any way. Many areas of Barbados didnt see a “stuff” truck for weeks on end. this is nothing new.


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