Kudos for St Ambrose

School named most improved in netball championship

St Ambrose Primary have been lauded by the National Sports Council (NSC) as the most improved school at this year’s Pine Hill Dairy Netball Championship and physical education teacher Ken Springer is a happy man.

Springer said much of St Ambrose’s success at this year’s netball competition had to do with former NSC netball coach Sonia Knight who recently passed away. He said Knight worked hard with the team which hadn’t done well in a long time and this year they really stepped up and improved significantly. The team played six games in total and won four while losing two.

 “That was the best record we have had over the past four years. We can definitely credit our success to the now deceased National Sports Council coach Miss Knight who worked really hard with the girls,” said Springer.

Goal-shooter Tiara Graham, goal-attack Rakera Williams and goal-defence Rackele Hyde are among those that Knight worked with and helped to improve their netball skills, Springer said.

St Ambrose, which is located on Cypress Street in the City, has produced the likes of long distance runner Pius Emilien and there is another track star in the making in seven-year-old Keiron Haynes.

Some of St Ambrose's players out of sports wear.
Some of St Ambrose’s players out of sports wear.

The school has had a relatively good year in sports and among those excelling was Haynes who captured both the under-nine boys’ division championship and victor ludorum titles in the Obadele Thompson zone of the National Primary Schools Athletics Championship.

 Kiara Gamble is another young cyclist who has done well for the school in the annual NSC cycling competition when she placed second and third in the 5000m and 1000m respectively.

 Springer said many of the girls would be attending the NSC summer camp specifically for netball.

 “I am hoping that their skills can improve even more over the summer and hopefully we can get another good coach to succeed Knight and have a good chance at winning come next year,” Springer added.

 He said there were certain parameters that had hindered the school’s progress in sports and not having a playing field was one.

“We do not have a playing field and our access to a court is at the London Bourne towers and sometimes that is not conducive to playing with glass bottles all over the court. So it is very difficult for us to get in the adequate training sessions that the children will need and that do set us back.

“But going forward we are hoping to get more equipment that we can use on site and we do hope that the community will assist and keep the areas like London Bourne clean,” the physical education teacher said as the school seeks to reap more success.

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