Bushy park bound

It was sweet, spicy and quite steamy last Friday night at the

Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semifinals. A night of relief, excitement and shock – even frustration for some – after the presentation of a generally good package of high quality soca.

When the competition was over, Hypasounds had to be the happiest man alive after learning that he had made it into the finals of both competitions with his songs Sugar Rush and How She Like It. He was arguably the most popular performer with the large Kensington Oval crowd and it was reflected in the loud cheers he received each time he touched the stage.

Hypasounds told Bajan Vibes following the announcement of the finalists that he was over the moon and in shock that he was heading to Bushy Park.

“At this moment, it’s a great feeling for me and the fans. It’s a moment we have been waiting for for a long time. It’s just to do what I have to do and make it count for the finals,” he said proudly.

Also heading to Bushy Park to do the double is iWeb, with All Inclusive and Last Time. He was equally as popular with the crowd. The reigning 2014 Pic-o-de-Crop national calypso monarch is definitely a natural on stage and should be a joy to watch at Bushy Park.

Ian Webster

Blood, a soca veteran who’s no stranger to Bushy Park, will be heading back to the St Philip venue for both competitions this year. He was in good voice last Friday night and should that continue, will do well.


For the first time in a long time, Mikey will not be doubling in both competitions with his band mate Blood. It came as a shock to many that Mikey did not make the finals of the Sweet Soca competition with his song Freedom.  In a post to his fans on his Facebook page, Mikey congratulated all the finalists in the competition.

“. . . thank you to my fans for riding with me no matter what. I do this for US. We are not in the Sweet
but I know we are all pleased to see such a strong finals line-up,” he wrote.

Mikey added: “This is only showing an obvious growth in our product which can only mean positive things for this industry and therefore us as Bajans. Be proud. Congratulations to all the finalists, with special congrats going out to my mentors and colleagues Blood and Red Plastic Bag.”

Red Plastic Bag was an obvious pick for the finals with his very popular song Spontaneous.

King Bubba, another crowd favorite who made it through, will be a newcomer to Bushy Park. He’s looking to mash up the place. He and his many fans will definitely bring life to the Party Monarch stage.

King Bubba
King Bubba

Lil Rick and Edwin are also heading back to the Party Monarch stage and should be a joy to watch in the finals. They are both seasoned artists and it is naturally a joy for fans to see them back in the competition.

Lil Rick
Lil Rick

Based on the line-up of finalists, it definitely promises to be a ‘day of great national significance’ at Soca Royale come July 26, officially observed every year as a Day of National Significance in commemoration of the 1937 riots.

The full list of finalists for both competitions is as follows:

Sweet Soca: Blood, Edwin, Hypasounds, Imani, iWeb, Mr.Dale, RPB, TC. 

The reserve is Nikita.

Party Monarch: AC, Blood, Hypasounds, iWeb, King Bubba, Lil Rick, Mikey, Peter Ram.

The reserve is Kirk Brown.

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