BLP gears up for snap election

The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) believes Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will call snap elections, and the General Secretary Dr Jerome Walcott has warned that the party must not be caught off guard.

Dr. Jerome Walcott
Dr. Jerome Walcott

Walcott told a St George North party branch meeting Sunday evening that Stuart was unpredictable and he might use year-long celebrations in observance of the country’s 50th anniversary of independence to announce a surprise poll.

The district’s elected representative, Gline Clarke, had suggested that Stuart, as he did in 2013, would delay the 2018 elections as late as possible.

However, Walcott thought otherwise, telling supporters who gathered at Clarke’s constituency office in the Glebe, he anticipated year-long celebrations across the island from November 2015 fostering “the feel-good factor [with] music, performances, food, drink [and]cultural shows” in a show of Barbadian nationalism.

“And at the end of it, this massive celebration for your 50th [independence] anniversary  in November next year, hit you with a snap election before the Christmas, when you expect it in 2018, because he doesn’t like to be predicted. And I think the BLP has to be prepared for that if it does occur,” Walcott warned.

He told the branch members that the BLP’s aim must be “to rescue Barbados from the Democratic Labour Party” whenever the elections are called.   

This, he said, must begin with the selection of the right candidates and the development of a new “covenant” to guide the campaign.

“The party has to present a . . . team for the times, in terms of the rescue of Barbados, a team of tried and tested, a mixture of persons with experience and youth, and more importantly [we] must present to Barbados a team of people who are concerned about people in Barbados, who know how to interact with people, who like people, can get on well with people, and have good intentions for the people of Barbados; not candidates for the sake of being candidates,” he argued.

Walcott recommended a ‘mini-conference’ ahead of  the BLP’s  annual conference to discuss “the covenant and the hope for the new Barbados Labour Party in terms of  things that will set us away from the DLP, in terms of our commitment to certain things”.

The BLP has already begun the process of selecting candidates for the next poll, constitutionally due in 2018.

The party has chosen  Ian Gooding-Edghill as its St Michael West Central candidate;  Colin Jordan will represent it in St Peter and Peter Phillips will run in St Lucy.

“We have started the process of the nomination of candidates to be the team of the Barbados Labour Party that would be offered to  the country in the next election whenever that is called,” Party Leader Mia Mottley said last month at the meeting at which Gooding-Edghill was nominated unopposed.

Mottley also gave notice of plans for an intense campaign, imploring supporters not to take anything for granted.

“Get fit now, because nothing will be left to chance, because this is no ordinary election. What is at stake is the soul of a country and the future of a people,” the BLP leader said at the time.

7 Responses to BLP gears up for snap election

  1. dave July 7, 2015 at 6:54 am

    Barbados always seem to struggle under DLP governments.
    Is it that their approach is a bit off ?
    Why would it be off though ? Does it need revamping and a new approach, new ways of doing old things ?
    It is really a fact that Barbados struggles when the DLP governs.
    Dont know why really . I am sad !

  2. Nikki Vs Nicksie
    Nikki Vs Nicksie July 7, 2015 at 7:16 am

    The fact that we have to wait till 2018 to be rid of the dlp is quite depressing…

  3. Harry turnover July 7, 2015 at 7:51 am

    No Jerome,Gline Clarke IS right. After all these years you still do not know how the PM operates ??

    As the General Secretary of the BLP you should know by now how the DLP operates so as to use your strategy to help the BLP.

    The PM said that the people of Bdos put them in to govern for FIVE YEARS…in other words he WILL be going ” out to the baller ” as Gline Clarke says….Snap Election what !!

  4. Patrick Blackman July 7, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    Is this Jerome for real, what an uninformed individual he is.

  5. villager. July 7, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    As i was saying all along do not be fooled by the talk of snap elections these people believe that this ploy by their minions the trade unions will force an election,before it due date,the higher the monkey climbs the more you see it’s tail.

  6. jrsmith July 19, 2015 at 6:06 am

    @,Patrick,B, hail, my brother what a joker. But, this could be an awakening , socially and politically for the people of barbados. Something has got to be done to wake our people , from slumber.


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