St Lucia – Mother seeks justice for son hit by car

CASTRIES – The mother of a 14-year-old male student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School wants justice for her son, who was hit by a vehicle over one month ago.

Christine Calendar told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her son, Jason Leo, has been suffering from severe headaches since the June 2 accident.

She believes the accident is the cause of her son’s headaches after he sustained a concussion during the incident.

Calendar recalled that Jason had just gotten off a bus in La Toc, Castries and was about to cross the road to enter their yard, when he was hit by the vehicle. The distraught mother said she wasn’t at home at the time of the accident, but an eyewitness called and summoned her to the scene.

“I reached on the scene before the driver made an escape. The ambulance was already on scene and was aiding to my son,” she explained.

Calendar told SNO that she asked for the individual responsible for the accident and the driver of the vehicle identified himself and gave her his contact number.

“I then had to leave the scene with the ambulance, to go to the hospital with my son. Hours later the police came to the hospital, took a statement from my son, left and never returned or called. My son was discharged from the hospital the same night,” she stated.

After realising that no one was calling her back, she decided to make a call on June 8, to the police officer who took the statement, who according to her, made an effort to assist them. She said, “He asked me to bring my son to the station the next day. He took another statement and brought myself and my son back to the scene to mark the spots again. After that he said he would call, but even up to a day like today, he never called us back to say anything.”

Calendar said ever since the accident, she has had to take her son to a doctor on several occasions, because of the constant headaches. To make matters worse, Jason’s heart rate keeps dropping every time the headache occurs. “My son never missed a day at school, but because of the accident, he missed out on school for a long time. When I told the man about my son’s headaches and said that I needed to do a scan, he said to me, ‘Everybody has headaches’ as if it was nothing,” she told SNO.

The frustrated mother said she was not aware that she needed to lodge an official report with the Central Police Station, because she thought that was being handled by the traffic police.

Calendar said she has contacted a lawyer to advise her on the way forward.

Source: (SNO)

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