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new general secretary of BFA elected

Edwin Wood is the new general secretary of the Barbados Football Association (BFA).

Wood’s appointment comes in the wake of Scottish-born Joyce Stewart’s sudden resignation from the post of general secretary which she held for just over a year.

During an interview with Barbados TODAY president of the BFA Randy Harris said that the organization had a made few changes and confirmed that Wood had resigned from being treasurer and was appointed to the new position. Barney Callender who acted as assistant treasure is now the treasurer and Nicole Puckering has assumed the position of assistant treasurer.

Harris said he believed that Wood was the ideal candidate for the job because he was knowledgeable when it came to football.

“He knows everything about football and he has been there from the time I was elected in 2012 and he knows the workings of the football association,” said Harris.

When contacted Wood said he had football at heart and knew it would be challenging but assured he was up to the task. The former treasurer admitted that he never pictured himself as the general secretary of the BFA but over the past two years working with the BFA he had gathered enough knowledge to do the job.

New general secretary of the Barbados Football Association Edwyn Wood
New general secretary of the Barbados Football Association Edwyn Wood

“When I first went to the BFA Randy had ask me about being the treasurer and I was a little hesitant because I figured it was a post that should go to somebody with a little more experience. Over the past two years it has been fast paced but I think I have gathered a lot of knowledge and I have grown in confidence and I think I can help out a lot more,” Wood said.

He added: “I always see myself as a creative thinker and I have been in business for thirteen years on my own and I think I can bring a management approach to the whole organization and having been in the post of treasurer for the past two years I have a lot of exposure in finance.”

Harris also confirmed that Brazilian-born technical director Marcos Falopa had also resigned from that post and even though they have found a quick replacement for Stewart, finding a new technical director would not be an easy task and therefore the vacancy would remain open.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY, Falopa said it had been a wonderful experience working with the Barbados national teams and even though he had resigned, he hoped to come back sometime in the not-too-distant future to assist the young footballers on the island.

“I hope to come back soon and work with the team. They are good players especially Mario Harte, Rashad Jules, Jamal Chandler are good and I hope to come back and work with them. They have improved so much especially on the technical side,” Falopa said.

He assured that his resignation did not have anything to do with the situation surrounding Barbados football and the fact that national player Hadan Holligan received two yellow cards under his watch as technical director and was still allowed to play in the return leg of the Aruba game at home in the FIFA World Cup qualifier.

According to Falopa, that was not his fault and added that even though there are internal problems at the BFA he had a chat with the president whom he informed that he still wanted to come back and work with the players.

Falopa who has about 40 years experience working as a football coach around the world, also has a history of working with football clubs for a very short period of time.

According to unofficial reports, under Falopa, Barbados have played approximately 11 games, won five, drawn two and lost four.

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