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COURT TODAY BLOCKHe robbed one woman and tried to rob another. And after several months, Rohan Ricardo Arthur pleaded guilty to both offences, which took place in October, 2013.

Taking into consideration that Arthur was already serving 24 months at HMP Dodds, and that he wanted to plead guilty much earlier but could not since the matter was indictable at that time, Magistrate Douglas Frederick convicted, reprimanded and discharged the convict on the attempted robbery charge.

He however added another month to his robbery offence, which will run consecutively with Arthur’s current sentence.

Station Sergeant Neville Watson told the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court that on October 22, 2013, Yvonne Edey was on her way to work. She was at Chapel Street, The City, close to City Centre carpark when she saw a man coming from the area of St Mary’s Church wall.

Feeling apprehensive, Edey changed her handbag from her right arm to the left. After Arthur passed her, she changed the bag back, but by then he was beside her. He grabbed the handbag and the two struggled over it. Edey bit Arthur in his chest and began screaming.

Arthur let go of the bag but grabbed the woman’s two bangles instead and ran off. He was later picked out at an identification parade.

In the second matter, Megan Cadogan was on her way to the bathroom in City Centre Mall when she saw Arthur. As she was about to enter the facilities, he came from behind and tried to snatch her chain from her neck.

Today, Arthur reminded Magistrate Frederick that he was already “doing 24 months” and requested that no additional time be added to his current sentence.

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