Roett places 25th in the world

Chelsea Roett has started her 2015 calendar of international surf contests in good form.

She is just back home from Los Cabos, Mexico where she placed 25th out of 96 of the best female surfers from around the world on the World Surfing League’s (WSL) Premier Qualifying Series 6,000.

This contest was the first on the North American leg of the WSL QS Events. While in route to the Los Cabos contest Hurricane Blanca was also approaching the contest area, so Roett had to wait it out in Los Angeles for two days for it to pass before continuing on, and finally making it to the contest site the evening before the start of the contest.

The hurricane did produce nice waves for the first few days of the contest, very similar to those in Barbados from passing hurricanes. Roett had an excellent start from Round 1 where she won her first heat and moved on to Round 2 where she also advanced in second place, eliminated two Australian surfers and continued through to Round three.

Chelsea Roett on the surf in Los Cabos, Mexico.
Chelsea Roett on the surf in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Roett again leaves Barbados this week for Huntington Beach, California to compete in the NSSA National Championships, where she will represent Barbados after winning the NSSA Caribbean Conference locally where she qualified by winning all the preliminary qualifying Open Women’s divisions.

She then continues to California in July to compete in her second WSL 6,000 QS Super Girls Pro to be held in Oceanside. These two WSL contests are important contests for qualification on the WSL Women’s Professional World Tour, and the higher her ranking improves her seeding position in these contests. The higher seeding also gives Roett an advantage of starting in a higher round and betters her chance for a podium finish. For 2016 Roett is looking to compete in all six of qualifying QS 6,000 contests around the world in her attempt to qualify for the WSL Women’s World Tour.

Roett expressed gratitude to her sponsors, LIME Barbados, who she was extremely happy to have signed on with again for 2015 as one of their ambassadors.

She also thanked Cashwiz Barbados, Blakey’s Bar and Restaurant, Oakley, She Project, Bajan Cherry Swimwear, Aloe Gator Caribbean, Suga Apple Swimwear, Tonic Haircare, GTI Surfboards, Montce Swim, Move 2 More Mind, Body, Fitness for their assistance.

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