Man found guilty of wounding

COURT TODAY BLOCKAfter hearing the evidence given in a trial where a St Philip man is accused of fighting with a court marshal, Dujon Carlisle Weekes was today found guilty of the offence.

Weekes, 30, is a bobcat operator who lives at Padmore Village, St Philip.

Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale said that in his view, Anthony Padmore was “carrying out his lawful duty” as a court marshal on September 26, 2011, when Weekes unlawfully and maliciously wounded him.

In reviewing the evidence, Seale said that Padmore had told the court that he had identified himself to Weekes as a marshal and told him he was under arrest.

A struggle took place and Padmore was pushed on to the wall of a store, where he hit his forehead which bled and caused him to seek medical attention.

Weekes though said in his evidence that the marshal had never identified himself and further, that he had grabbed him from behind and he thought he was in danger since he did not know who Padmore was.

He apologized in court today for his actions.

Those who disrespect court marshals are in fact disrespecting the Magistrate, Seale remarked, since it was “not the marshal’s fault that you all don’t pay what you are supposed to pay”.

“Whose fault is it that the marshal now has warrant for you . . . on the instructions of a Magistrate?” Seale asked.

“You were supposed to pay compensation by a certain date and after that the warrant was issued.”

Seale warned Weekes that he would very likely send him to prison, saying that he abhorred that “type of conduct” where “people given lawful authority can’t carry ou their duties”.

“It is sad when in this society people endowed to carry out certain functions can’t carry them out because you have a group of people who feel they can beat marshals, police, telephone men, water authority men,” the Magistrate said.

“Any person who is assaulted or accosted while doing their job, and you come before me, you will be going to prison,” he added.

“If a man comes out there and he is as small as a broomstick and he has on a police uniform, he represents the Crown.”

Weekes will return to court on July 15, when his presentencing report should be ready.

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  1. Patrick Blackman May 29, 2015 at 9:52 am

    The Magistrate should be dismissed from his job for such a comment (“Any person who is assaulted or accosted while doing their job, and you come before me, you will be going to prison,”), you are suppose to be impartial and render your decision based on the facts and the sentencing guidelines.

    When you make such statement you clearly have injected your personal feelings into a legal matter. You should be removed from the bench.

    You is not being hard on crime , it is being self centered and should not be tolerated regardless of the person’s guilt.


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