ZR driver could be in breach of court

COURT TODAY BLOCKThe evidence of a doctor will determine whether a ZR driver will get an alternative sentence or if he will be allowed to continue completing his community service.   

Earlier this year, Matthew Blackett pleaded guilty before the District ‘A’ Traffic Court to three 2014 traffic offences. Magistrate Graveney Bannister then ordered the ZR driver to perform 200 hours of community service. But when Blackett returned to that court today, it was to an unfavourable progress report from his community service officer Othneil Kellman.

Blackman resides at Block 4E Bottom Close, Wildey, St Michael.

According to the officer, a sick leave certificate which Blackett sent to the organization where he was assigned, appeared questionable.

Since being assigned, Blackett sent two sick certificates, one from March 24 to 30th and another from May 5 to 14th. The second appeared to have been altered from the 12th to the 14th.

When the probation officer addressed the court today, he said that he had given Blackett an official warning in late April with regard to his attendance and attitude to the community service, and had warned him that he could be brought back to the court for non-compliance.

Under cross-examination by Blackett today, the community service officer said he also knew that Blackett had worked driving a ZR van during the week in May when he had sent in the sick certificate. Asked how he knew that, the witness said he had spoken to the owner of the van who had verified it.

Additionally, Kellman said he spoke to the doctor involved, who said that had he made the change on the sick certificate, he would have initialled the document. There were no initials on it.

The doctor is expected to attend court on the next occasion, to verify the authenticity of the dates on the sick certificate in question.

Blackett was remanded until then.

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