Man admits to stealing laptop

COURT TODAY BLOCKBy June 19, a man who stole a computer belonging to Combermere School will know his fate.

Leron Alexander Wilfred Bennett pleaded guilty to stealing the laptop from Jerry Haynes’ home on April 16. Haynes is a teacher at the school.

Bennett, a 21-year-old from Quarry Road, Bank Hall, St Michael, went before acting Magistrate Alliston Seale today.

Sergeant Janice Ifill told the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court that Haynes secured his home and left around 4. 40 p.m.

When he returned, his remote control was in a different position from where he had left it and coasters were on the floor.

Haynes then noticed that the computer was missing and the mesh from the kitchen window had been removed.

Bennett also admitted committing a second offence, which was that on May 20 he had apparatus fit for use in connection with cocaine.

When police visited his home, they found Bennett with a small bottle with black residue inside.  He was asleep under his cellar at the time.

After the facts were read out in court today, the acting magistrate commented: “You only here in physical appearance . . . but from the time your name was called and you get up smiling, I know you had to be on dope. You get up like you were getting a Grammy Award or something when they called your name.”

Bennett’s mother told the court that he had already been sent for a psychiatric evaluation but she needed him to be in a residential drug rehabilitation programme.

The matter was adjourned for the acting magistrate to appraise himself of the mentioned psychiatric report and for Bennett to be sentenced on his return.

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