‘Owlie’ victim still in pain

COURT TODAY BLOCKRicky Roland “Owlie” Alkins returned to the No. 2 Supreme Court today for his pre-sentencing report to be read.

The businessman was found guilty earlier this year of intentionally causing serious bodily harm to Stephen Larrier on February 28, 2012.

Alkins, 42, lives at Hannays, Christ Church.

During the trial, Larrier testified that Alkins hit him in the face with a rock after the day’s takings which he should have handed over was $30 short.

In his pre-sentencing report, his mother described him to the probation officer as a fast learner who was gifted with his hands and who was industrious from an early age.

She added that he was very accommodating and helpful to staff.

His partner referred to him as loving and caring, and one who had never displayed any aggression towards her.

Additionally, long-standing members of his community felt that he was a humble, respectful and courteous individual who
never presented any problems within the community.

Alkins himself said he was not proud of his actions and believed the incident could have been avoided.

Meanwhile, the victim said he was still experiencing pain to the face.

The case was presided over by Justice Margaret Reifer in the No. 2 Supreme Court and was prosecuted by Crown Counsel Krystal Delaney and Alison Burke.

Attorneys-at-law Kerrie Symmonds and Michelle Forde acted as defence counsel.

The matter will come up again on June 8 and Alkins remains on $100 000 bail until then.

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