Artistes all set for Crop Over

Everyone is steadily gearing up for Crop Over 2015. But no one can be moving in the mood more than the entertainers themselves. Whether new or seasoned artistes, they are more than ready to get things started.

Last week, Bajan Vibes caught up with some artistes at the Mega Cavalcade launch, and heard just what they will be up to for this year’s Crop Over.

Veteran entertainer Peter Ram told Bajan Vibes he was more than ready to get things going. He told us just what he would be up to this season.

Peter Ram is ready for Crop Over.
Peter Ram is ready for Crop Over.

“Up to good stuff. Got some good tunes coming out. I’m back in the Red Boys camp again. So you know when I go in the Red Boys camp what happens? They did Woman By My Side, Smoke Signal all of them tunes there. So it’s straight roughness.

“My social commentary out already Bajan Cry. And another one is coming called Don’t Shoot. Also have some bashment coming; can’t leave out the bashment.

John Doe and I doing a tune together. I’m ready for Crop Over 2015,” Ram revealed. He said he was entering all competitions this year, and was looking forward to dropping his other social commentary, which is addressing “some very topical issues”.

“If an entertainer or calypsonian can’t find something to write about in these times, them soft, because so much stuff happening! I’m not being too political this toss. I’m dealing more with the issues: what’s going on in our society today, all the shooting and the robbing. It needs to stop.

“Definitely competing this year. I have gone over to House Of Soca. I was in Bacchanal Time; but you know they don’t really do judging. I was born in House Of Soca; so it’s like I’ve gone back home,” he said adding: “I am ready for the shelling.”

Newcomer Jamar Walkes said he was excited about the season and eager to learn all that he could.

Jamar Weekes
Jamar Weekes

“This is my first year. I have always wanted to be here, but never got the chance before. Randy Eastmond is the big man behind producing my music,” the 23-year-old said.

His song We Ain’t Leaving has not yet hit the airwaves, but he is very happy with it.

“I was home not working at the time. I just started to write music; then my friends pushed me to go and record. So I decided to try, because if you don’t try, you don’t know what could happen. I hope to perform to the best of my ability; watch and learn from others,”  he added.

Jamar is not in a tent this year, but says hopes to be next year.

Twenty-one-year-old Vince is no newcomer to Crop Over, having been a part of it for three years, but said for 2015 he was focusing more on the quality of his music rather than the quantity.

“This year, I just want . . . want to become established and known. Have a little secret weapon [from] over in Trinidad,” he said.

And you can expect the usual bashment music from Stiffy. This year for Crop Over he is the Maintenance Man.

“I am up to maintaining everything for Crop Over. The song is either called the Maintenance Man or Garden. Look for the two of them,” he said to his fans.

And to the usual critics of his music, Stiffy said there were always two versions to his songs.


“Just choose the one you want to listen to, and be cool . . . . So, I don’t know how you get out there listening to the raw ones. There are clean versions to everything. People just like to pick
at things too much, man.”

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